Hydrotherapy: Is it Good for Every Dog?

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Hydrotherapy: Is it Good for Every Dog?

Can an emerging therapy technique strengthen and rehabilitate your furry friend after an injury? Improve your dog’s strength, flexibility, and post-injury healing with the help of hydrotherapy in St. Petersburg!

First of All, What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that has been around for centuries to help humans heal from injuries in a soothing environment while building strength and stamina. And the same goes for dogs! Lately, the technique has been translated to veterinary uses, leading to the development of underwater treadmills in tanks. The development of this veterinary practice is all to relieve short-term and long-term stress on joints and muscles while still building strength and endurance.

Conditions Treated With Hydrotherapy 

There are many common conditions that dogs suffer from that can be treated with the use of hydrotherapy, including:
  • Arthritis

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia

  • Joint pain

  • Ligament ruptures

  • Bone fractures

The aftermath of significantly damaging incidents like a spinal stroke or fibrocartilaginous embolism can also get treated. Dogs are found to age with better coordination and more energy when involved in this treatment!

How Can Hydrotherapy Help My Canine Heal?

Hydrotherapy is such an impactful method of rehabilitation and strength training because it allows dogs to exercise without putting weight on their joints. Instead of letting the harsh effects of gravity and hard surfaces take a toll on the muscles and joints of the animal. Hydrotherapy builds endurance of the same motions without impact. Furthermore, the process is entirely natural and has excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Under Water Treadmills 

Hydrotherapy can take a few different forms. Underwater treadmills are greatly useful as they work with limited space. Underwater treadmills are enclosed by a clear tank, allowing the veterinarian to monitor the dog’s movement still and identify areas for improvement. The speed of the treadmill, the amount of water, and the temperature of the water are all customized to the specific dog receiving treatment. Owners can rest assured that their canine is getting treatment specific to their needs.


Another form is a therapeutic pool, which is far less technical but no less helpful! These pools can either be a standard tank or the water can be pumped at a predetermined pace to create resistance for constant exercise and stimulation. Typically, a veterinary technician will be present in the water with the patient to coach the dog and help work with hesitations and lack of ability. Dogs that are working to overcome injuries or disabilities use life vests to ensure safety at all times.

Not Every Dog Is Eligible For Hydrotherapy 

Dogs with the following should not get hydrotherapy treatments

  • Fear of Water

  • Open or Infected Wounds

  • Cardiovascular issues

If your dog hasn’t shown interest in swimming before, this doesn’t mean they would dislike hydrotherapy. Our resources, like life vests, are available to make your dog as comfortable as possible. As well as professionally trained staff. 

Preventative Measures

In addition to healing, hydrotherapy is for preventative measures. Allowing especially high-energy or competitive dogs to exercise appropriately without causing significant damage to their physique. Athletic conditioning, play, or recreation are all additional reasons to bring your dog to our clinic for hydrotherapy in St. Petersburg.

Leave Hydrotherapy To The Professionals

It’s possible to give your dog treatments at home, but you really shouldn’t. You could accidentally hurt your dog instead of help. Our rehab facility has specialized equipment and trained professionals, helping your dog. The cost is worth a reliable turn out. 

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