Dog orthopedic therapy can help your companion lessen the pain caused by various health conditions and get to enjoy life and exercise again. Injuries, obesity, procedures such spinal surgeries, or age are some of the reasons why your dog may not enjoy as much mobility as they used to have. The services offered here, at the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center will lead your pup to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

How It Works?

Whether your pooch is recovering from a recent surgery or is suffering from arthritis, it is important to give your animal the proper care to maintain their health. Just like people, your pup may avoid any physical activity and worsen his health as a result of their condition. Instead of letting Fido become less and less mobile, orthopedic therapy is a gentle solution to recover flexibility.

The dog orthopedic therapy offered here at K9 Rehabilitation Center in Tampa is a gentle approach to pain that aims at providing your pooch with adapted ways to regain flexibility and build strong muscles. Toned muscles are the key to relieving painful joints.

Remember the process requires both time and patience and your pets need support and encouragements in order to get well quicker. Movement and general health improvements are different for each animal; it can be quick on some or slower on others.

The Tampa K9 Rehabilitation Center helps your pet recover full mobility with dog orthopedic therapy methods that will increase his overall body strength. We specialize in the following therapy techniques:

  1. Hydrotherapy: If your aging pooch suffers from joint pain, he is unlikely to enjoy exercising. Water is an effective way to relieve Fido’s discomfort while letting him have fun. The underwater treadmill we have at the K9 Rehabilitation Center provides hydrostatic pressure to support joints and reinforce muscles, fitness, and overall flexibility.
  2. Dry Land Exercises: K9 Rehabilitation Center was the first to offer diversity in dry land exercises around the Tampa Bay including a variety of stairs, ramps, and rails. With the supervision of one of our staff members, dry land exercises will help your furry friend regain full range of motion.
  3. Other Therapeutic Treatments: Every pup requires a personalized dog orthopedic therapy plan of action to recover from an injury or surgery. For this reason, we take the time to find a therapy strategy that will answer your pet’s specific needs. We offer other therapeutic treatments including hot moist heat therapy, low level cold laser, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic care.

How You Can Help

Dog orthopedic therapy will guide your pup toward recovery faster, but it is crucial that you are a full part of this journey. Aging or injured dogs will both suffer from similar types of pain. Understand your pooch experiences pain and discomfort the same way you would. Give your companion all the care and attention they needs, and ensure they get plenty of rest following a surgery.

Exercise is an important step to a healthy life. While your pup should not get excessive exercise, encourage short and slow walks around Tampa instead. With regular care and dog orthopedic therapy, you will notice your pet feeling better. Slowly increase your walking time and integrate hills into your routine to encourage him to develop more muscle.

If your pet had a surgery recently, avoid any rough play or jumping within the first two months following the procedure, as it still will not be completely healed. Remember to visually check your dog’s wound regularly to ensure it is healing well and not infected.

Your therapist will show you how to handle your dog and how to practice some exercises to help them recover. These will ease your pet’s rehabilitation, so plan for some one-on-one time with your pooch in addition to attending dog orthopedic therapy sessions.

About K9Rehab

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center first opened in 2004 within the Central Animal Hospital. Our staff, led by Dr. Mark Brown, offers a one-stop-shop for all dog owners concerned with their pet’s well-being.

Our Tampa facility only uses the best equipment and the latest veterinary knowledge. The staff is dedicated to finding therapy solutions adapted to your pet so they can once again enjoy running around the yard.

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