For severe concerns in Tampa Bay, come to our canine hospital. We go beyond standard veterinary care for cases that require specialized attention, like spinal surgeries and rehabilitative treatment. You adore your furry friend, and it can be stressful to see them suffering. Chances are, we can help them relieve the pain and regain strength!

Hydrotherapy Makes Exercise Possible and Pain-Free

Movement is essential for healthy living, and your pup needs exercise. For animals who struggle with joint problems, like osteoarthritis, that can mean many discomforts. Every step becomes difficult, and you may lose sight of the active pooch you knew so well. Too many Tampa Bay owners submit to the idea that lethargy and inactivity accompany old age. While Bruce may not have the energy that he did as a puppy, you should not eliminate physical activity. Without it, his muscles will atrophy, and he will lose interest in life altogether.

Our canine hospital has hydrotherapy equipment that makes it possible for your dog to move without the pain using water to buoy your pet’s body and ease the pressure placed on their aching joints. You will be delighted when you see your German Shepherd, Lucy, cruising on the treadmill or paddling in the swim tank. She will be happier and healthier! 

Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercises

Sometimes, physical therapy is necessary before your furry companion can walk or run comfortably. Not only will Rosie move without becoming sore, but she will also rebuild her muscle strength and recover more quickly. After all, she has many years of mobility left, so come to our canine hospital for help. The doctors at Tampa Bay K9 will assess your pooch’s condition before creating an individualized treatment plan that incorporates corrective exercises using equipment like:




        Cavaletti rails

        Dry land exercises

Beyond these tools, we also use hot moist heat and low-level (cold) laser therapy to treat certain injuries and ailments. We also provide chiropractic care and massage which can aid recovery. By utilizing these therapeutic services, you will see positive changes in their stamina, strength, and attitude in Tampa Bay.

Rehabilitation after Surgery

We perform surgeries at our canine hospital, and the rehabilitation process differs from dog to dog. Suzy Q may be up and moving sooner than Duke is, and it is our job to identify how to help your furry friend best. Neurological recovery is time sensitive, so those who have spinal surgery in Tampa Bay need treatment immediately after the procedure. Our facility can start the rehabilitation program right away, and you are already established with our medical team. Spinal operations can leave some animals paralyzed, and we are equipped to create orthotics and carts to make mobility possible for your pooch.

Input on Lifestyle and Dietary Choices

At our canine hospital, we work with many animals who suffer from obesity. This condition affects Buck’s energy levels, heart health, and more. If they are chronically overweight in Tampa Bay, take immediate action. Our staff is here to provide constructive input and assistance, not judgment. We urge you to bring in your pup if they have some unwanted extra pounds. Not only can we teach you how to increase their exercise regimen healthfully, but we can also direct you toward nutritional choices from our pharmacy and food center. Many big brand foods are filled with preservatives, so we will encourage you to consider the benefits of a natural diet.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center and Canine Hospital

At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, we aim to assist animals in need. Our canine hospital goes above and beyond by offering:

        Stem cell and regenerative therapy services

        Onsite and online pharmacy

        Natural food and treats for sale

        Arthritis treatment

        Geriatric and Orthopedic services

        And more!

If things seem hopeless, contact our facility to discuss the issue at hand. Our canine hospital has experience and resources to treat numerous conditions. 

Stem Cell / PRP

Regenerative Medicine has arrived as a revolutionary approach to treating animal injuries and diseases. We use Stemlogix processes and kits to isolate stem and regenerative cells from a patient’s adipose (fat) tissue. Studies have shown a clinical benefit in utilizing stem and regenerative cells to treat conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and cartilage damage in both small and large animals.

Our Services Include