Orthopedic Post Operative Recovery Therapy

When your dog suffers from painful joints or other health conditions, canine orthopedics can get your furry friend on the path to enjoying a good run on the beaches of St. Petersburg once again. At the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, we are all pet lovers and we know you want to find the best way to help him recover as quickly as possible.

What Can Canine Orthopedics Therapy Treat?

There is a wide variety of health conditions that can affect your pet’s mobility, but regardless of the source of the pain, canine orthopedics will offer your pup some relief. Some of the common conditions we treat at the K9 Rehabilitation Center include:

  • Obesity
  • Spinal surgery rehab
  • Arthritis
  • Problems related to age, including hip dysplasia, lameness, trick knees, and muscle spasms

Whether your pup has a special health condition or is simply aging, canine orthopedics is a solution that offers gentle ways of recovering dynamism, flexibility, and getting Fido to love a good run as he used to.

Various Types of Therapies:

The canine orthopedic therapies available at the K9 Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg aim at helping dogs tone muscles and regain flexibility. Just like for humans, therapy takes time, and your pet needs to have all your support to successfully recover.

After determining your pup’s needs, the doctors will introduce you to some treatment options:

  • Dry Land Exercise: The various and fun exercises offered at the K9 Rehabilitation Center help your furry friend regain their full range of motion under the close supervision of one of our staff members.
  • Hydrotherapy: The various therapeutic qualities of water are in full action in canine orthopedics. Our underwater treadmill supports joints, reinforces muscles, and improves flexibility.
  • Other Treatments: At our rehab center, our staff is well aware of the importance to treat dogs with personalized course of actions. We take the time to find the best therapy option to answer the needs of each pet that comes to us. Hot moist heat therapy, low level cold laser, massage, and chiropractic care may be good solutions to assist your companion.

Other Services Available:

At the K9 Rehabilitation Center of St. Petersburg, we specialize in canine orthopedics,. However, we also offer other services to ensure all pets in need can receive the care they deserve.

If you and your furry friend need help controlling his weight, our center can create a weight loss program with dietary counseling, pharmacological management, and physical conditioning to help Fido to shed the extra pounds.

Treating injuries and diseases was completely revolutionized when regenerative therapy appeared. Thanks to this process, we can isolate both stem and regenerative cells from your pet, and inject them as treatment. This type of procedure is minor, has little chance of rejection. Additionally, it is great to treat joint pain, cartilage damage, or severe arthritis. Additionally, it can be performed on any of the breeds you find around St. Petersburg.

Assisting the Treatment:

While canine orthopedics and other therapies will get your pet on the way to a quicker recovery, it is crucial that you, as an owner, are a full part of the journey. Assistance and encouragement is all about knowing when to offer exercise opportunities or give him some down time to rest.

At the K9 Rehabilitation Center of St. Petersburg, our staff will discuss with you the best ways you can help. We will show you how you to handle your recovering pet and practice exercise.

About K9 Rehab

Our center opened in 2004, and is located within the Central Animal Hospital. Every dog owner in St. Petersburg that is concerned about the comfort of their pets is should visit our K9 Rehabilitation Center.

Regardless of the reason why your pet has been in pain, our staff is dedicated to finding the best canine orthopedic methods to keep your best friend in good health as long as possible.

To schedule a consultation or to receive more information about our programs, contact us online or give us a call today at 727-521-3518.