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While you may have thought that regenerative therapy was something that was only available to humans, think again. The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center of Tampa housed within Central Animal Hospital has brought in the innovative treatment of regenerative therapy for dogs suffering from joint ailments such as arthritis. If your furry friend is suffering from joint problems, here is all you need to know about the regenerative therapy that our rehabilitation center has to offer:

What is Regenerative Therapy for Dogs?

Regenerative therapy for dogs has been a hot button topic of discussion for many years, because of its process. It involves using cells to repair or replace damaged or diseased tissues and organs. When most think of stem cells, they may automatically jump to the idea of embryonic cells, however the process for animal regenerative treatments come from the dog’s own fat tissue. These “adult cells” have shown in studies that they are able to turn into different tissue types and help animals with diseases such as arthritis.

How Does it Work?

Our center has an on-site laboratory where Dr. Mark Brown can manipulate the tissue sample for therapy. Dr. Brown is the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner at our center, and brought the innovative technique to our facility. Dr. Brown works with the dogs and their owners to decide if stem cell therapy is the best option, and then will continue to work with the dogs throughout the therapy itself.

What is the Process?

  1. Surgery. A minor surgical procedure gathers the fat tissue for the injection. The fat is usually taken from an area in the abdomen.
  2. Stem Cell Isolation. Thanks to our on-site lab, after Dr. Brown collects the tissue sample, he then proceeds to the lab where he will extract the stem cells from the sample.
  3. Injection. The treatment has a short life span outside of the body, so it is important for Dr. Brown to make the injection as soon as possible. The injection is made to the problem area, whether it is the leg, elbow, or hip joints. Another benefit of this procedure is the fact that because the injection comes from the animal’s body, there is a minimal chance of rejection.
  4. Healing Time. There is typically a down time of 15-30 days for a dog  after the procedure. After your dog has healed, they should have a renewed sense of energy and comfort with physical movement. Keep in mind, regenerative therapy for dogs is not a “cure-all” solution, and additional or alternative treatments may help your pet.
  5. Physical Therapeutic Rehabilitation. After the surgery, your pet may benefit from the additional therapies we offer at Tampa Bay K9 Rehab, to ensure the maximum level of success in the comfort and range of motion your dog can achieve.

What are the Benefits?

Owners of pets whose surgery was successful report positive changes in movement and behavior with their pet. Some of the post-op behaviors include:

  • Fewer obvious signs of pain
  • Less difficulty when moving/walking
  • Happier and more energetic animals

Why Choose Tampa Bay K9 Rehab?

Our center is dedicated to improving the health and way of life of your pet, and we offer multiple treatments to try after your stem cell procedure. Dr. Brown’s specialty and knowledge in animal rehabilitation will give you a sense of ease when you bring in your pet, and our team strives towards providing the best quality of life for you and your animal.

If your pet suffers from joint pain, whether it is from injury or disease, consider regenerative therapy for dogs with Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center and contact us online today or call us at (727) 521-3518 to schedule an appointment.