Tampa residents can get specialized treatment for their dogs at our canine hospital. Vets are helpful for everyday needs in Hillsborough County. However, our animal clinic goes above and beyond, providing rehab programs, hydrotherapy, and more. That way, you do not have to travel far to get help for your furry friend. We work with all ages and stages of health and treat every client as though they were our own pet!

Not everyone in the Bay area understands why an establishment like ours is necessary. Think about it this way: you want your pet feeling its best. When conditions go beyond your vet’s license or skill set, we offer recovery options. At our canine hospital, you get:

A Custom Treatment Plan

Your pup has a unique personality, and you love them for it. Their quirky habits endear them to you. When they do not feel well, you need an approach to recovery that is as distinctive as they are. Our staff feels that individualization creates effective and efficient outcomes. We will start with an initial appointment where we will check things out. We expect you to speak up about concerns or goals for your furry friend, whether you would like to see her move pain-free or want her to undergo surgery rehab. With customization, you can count on targeted efforts and successful outcomes in Tampa!

Keep in mind that the initial outlook might vary as time goes by. We believe that adaptation promotes healing because we pay attention to your pup’s progress. There is no way to know which tools or techniques your pooch will respond to at our canine hospital. Your dog might do well on the underwater treadmill, so we would include more hydrotherapy into his recovery plan. Perhaps, you need to alter the food you buy so that your sweet pup can shed some pounds and reduce joint pain in Tampa. Whatever the circumstances, we monitor your pet from start to finish!

Practitioners Who Are Dedicated To Your Dog

We welcome every tail-wagging client and delight in helping you create a plan and achieve recovery. The professionals at our clinic are dedicated to assisting animals in need. Your Great Dane might suffer from hip dysplasia in Tampa. Maybe your Pomeranian has an autoimmune disease. Our canine hospital treats a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Paralysis
  • CCL Rupture
  • Limited Mobility
  • Partial Ligament Tear
  • Geriatric Neurological
  • And more

Our staff has years of experience treating these complications and more, as well as a deep love for dogs. We keep them comfortable every step of the way.

Variety of Tools and Technology

In addition to dedicated practitioners who create customized recovery plans, our facility also provides numerous tools and technologies. While there are many veterinarians throughout the Bay area, finding a canine hospital is much rarer. Vets are crucial for day-to-day assistance, but we offer healing for more complicated needs like osteoarthritis, a luxating patella, or muscle spasms.


Hydrotherapy is one of our unique tools. The underwater treadmill is popular, and some dogs take to the swim tank like a fish! You might be surprised to see your pal coasting on the treadmill when you cannot even interest her for a walk around the block at home in Tampa. The water makes her weightless, so she can paddle without experiencing discomfort.

Countless Services that Promote Wellness

Our clinic offers so many services to promote wellness that you will not need to go anywhere else for help. Life is full, and Tampa residents only have so many hours in the day. Use them well by bringing your furry friend to our canine hospital for treatment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy promotes mobility and reduces discomfort. No matter your dog’s ability, we meet them at their level. This is why we offer an incredible range of services, like:

  • Thera-Ball
  • Chiropractic care
  • Hot moist heat therapy
  • Low level (cold) laser
  • Stairs and ramp
  • Cavaletti rails
  • Massage

These and more make it possible for your pup to regain mobility and improve her mood! Exercise promotes a higher quality of life, and our technologies make this possible.

Tampa Bay’s Premier Canine Hospital

If your furry friend needs assistance beyond the vet’s offerings, come to our canine hospital. Tampa Bay K9 assists tail-wagging patients of all ages and abilities! Invest in your pet’s wellness and see the positive effects. They are more likely to engage and enjoy life when they feel well. To initiate treatment, call (727) 521-3518 to speak with one of our staff members or fill out our online form.