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Signs Your Dog Needs a Canine Hospital

If you are a dog owner in the St. Petersburg area, it is important to know the signs and symptoms to look for that indicate you may need to take your pet to a canine hospital. Obviously, our furry friends can’t verbally communicate with us to let us know when something is wrong or when they are in pain, but it does help to know that there are some tell-tale signs to look for that usually will mean that something isn’t right. Because you spend so much time with your dog, you probably already know right off the bat when their behavior [...]

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How Pet Therapy Can Help Your Senior Dog

Aging people often benefit from special care, and it turns out our pets are just the same. Senior pet therapy in St. Petersburg will help your aging pooch enjoy life and exercise just like he used to when he was a young puppy.  It is not uncommon for older dogs to suffer from geriatric neurological condition that manifest themselves under the form of spinal injuries and related pains. Orthopedic conditions are also often responsible for your pooch to be in pain. Senior Pet Therapy and Treatments When your beloved furry friend is not doing well, you may think about finding the best [...]

TBK9’s Regenerative Therapy for Dogs

As humans, we know that our bodies are powerful machines with the innate ability to heal themselves under the right conditions. What many people don’t realize is that our beloved pets have the same power. When it comes to regenerative therapy for dogs, sometimes better known as stem cell therapy, the body takes its own cells and proteins to promote healing for ailments in tissues and ligaments throughout the body. If your dog has a tendon or joint injury, regenerative therapy may be the answer for their treatment. With the assistance of Therapeutic PRP (platelet rich plasma) the dog’s ability to heal [...]

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TBK9’s Dog Weight Loss Programs

Do you have an unhealthy, overweight dog? Are you becoming increasingly concerned about their health and quality of life? If so, it may be time to take them to Central Animal Hospital and enroll them in a program at the best Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center to get them on a quick road to recovery. Our dog weight loss programs design a custom diet and therapy plan to meet their specific needs. Health Risks of Canine Obesity When a dog becomes obese, or even just slightly overweight, their health risks increase significantly. They are at risk for diseases such as arthritis, heart [...]

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