When it comes to the health and happiness of your furry friend, Tampa dog owners are willing to do whatever it takes. Even if your dachshund or pug seems to be in pique condition, they should receive a checkup every year. If something does happen, such as an accident or the onset of a condition or disease, you need the assistance of a canine hospital. A typical veterinarian’s office is perfectly fine for regular checkups, but when the issue is more serious, you need the treatments to reflect that.

1. Orthotics

We’ve all seen them: the brave little pups wheeling around with their carts since they lost one or more of their legs. Orthotics and carts are actually more common for pets than one may think. However, to be properly fitted, one must visit a canine hospital. In Tampa, you can make sure that your Labrador retriever or beagle is sized accurately, ensuring the efficacy and safety of their equipment.

2. Rehabilitation

After undergoing surgery, your boxer or spaniel may need to recover, just like humans. With the help of rehabilitation services, your Chihuahua will feel as good as new! Thanks to weight-suspending exercise methods such as underwater treadmills, pups of all conditions can exercise comfortably and safely. By stretching their muscles and increasing their heart rate, their bodies will heal and recover.

3. Massage and Chiropractic

A visit to the Tampa chiropractor isn’t just for humans anymore! Dogs, too, can benefit from chiropractic care and massages. Like humans, a dog’s nervous system is based on the spine and the spinal cord. If there are kinks, transmissions from the brain to the body (and vice versa) could be impacted negatively. This canine hospital treatment is excellent for reducing pain without invasive procedures or drugs. Massage therapy is also an effective way to help strengthen and tone muscles, as it activates those areas your pup may avoid due to pain.

Visit TBK9’s Canine Hospital and Free Your Pup From Pain

When you visit Tampa Bay K9’s canine hospital, you will understand exactly why we do what we do. We have been able to help so many dogs recover from surgery, overcome obesity, heal injuries, and more. Every day we can help a pup in pain move forward with confidence and assurance. If you are ready to help your furry friend live a healthy, happy life, give us a call to learn more about how we can help make that happen at (727) 521-3518 or reach out to us online.