We all know how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for people in rehabilitation after a surgery. However, did you know that this “water healing” can also help your pup after they have undergone any elbow, shoulder, hip or spinal surgery? Water offers a low impact place for them to build strength and confidence when walking, in a safe environment. If your dog had surgery and is having a difficult time healing, contact Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center for help!

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

There are a variety of different kinds of hydrotherapy options in Tampa, including underwater treadmills, whirlpools and even regular pools. The one most commonly used is the underwater treadmill; picture a treadmill in a glass case of water. The water is deep enough to allow your pups’ shoulders and hips to be underwater, but shallow enough so that they can easily breathe and move their head. They typically wear some kind of vest or flotation device that is connected to a rope. This is so if they fall or stumble, they will never be submerged underwater. While they are using the underwater treadmill, your dog will enjoy better circulation, less joint pain, increased flexibility, better range of motion, better muscle strength and endurance, as well as the confidence to be able to move without pain.

In addition, the water is great for their skin and coat. As a bonus, this treatment is a great low impact exercise to help your pup shed those last few pounds. Extra weight can put too much stress on their joints.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center

While underwater exercise is amazing for helping post-surgery dogs regain strength, it is crucial that it is done with a professional. Too many dogs have injured themselves further when their owners took them swimming in the pool or lake, without knowing how to support and help them.

If your pup is overweight, having joint pain, or is undergoing spinal surgery, contact us today. We use hydrotherapy to get them back on the road to a healthy life! Reach out to us online or give us a call at 727-521-3518.