Tampa Bay K9 is the best dog hospital in the area. We meet your furry friend wherever they are at. Yours might be in need of spinal surgery rehabilitation. Others struggle with weight management and require medical intervention. Some even struggle with neurological conditions and physical limitations. This can be challenging to cope with, since you want what is best for Bootsy. After all, you see her as a member of the family, and her health and happiness are both priorities. If your pooch is suffering, come to our facility for assistance and therapeutic services!

Does Your Pup Need Extra Attention?

If you live in Tampa, it is likely that you have an established relationship with a veterinarian. You may be a fairly new client after relocating or, perhaps, they conducted your pup’s very first check-up. Whatever the circumstances, we have complete respect for your vet; but it is important that you understand that they have limitations to their services. They might not have the equipment or specific skill set Roscoe needs, which is why access to the best dog hospital is a crucial resource. If your tail-wagging pal calls for extra attention, bring him to us for a complete inspection and an individualized treatment plan. We offer:

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Is Lola curbing her activity or favoring a certain leg? Maybe Oscar has become more lethargic than usual. Whatever the case, we will help you investigate the matter. If movement is painful, your pup will lay low. A misalignment or injury will limit your canine companion’s output, and without treatment, nothing will change. The first order of business is to improve your pooch’s mobility. Their recovery will involve corrective exercises and physical therapy, which gently assists them in regaining range of motion and muscle. At Tampa Bay K9, the best dog hospital, we also use rehabilitation equipment, like:

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Swim tank access
  • Cavaletti rails
  • Thera-ball
  • Ramps
  • Stairs

A combination of these utilities and dry land exercises promotes physical activity and overall wellness. Clients are shocked to see their furry friend in full motion in the swim tank or climbing the stairs. Not only will you delight in seeing your pet be active again, but you will also see how happy they are because of being able to do so. Do not diminish Cece’s slow pace solely as a result of age. Bring her to the best dog hospital for a complete assessment so that she can get the most out of life in Tampa!

Weight Loss Assistance

Does Digger have some pesky pounds that won’t quit? Maybe he is no longer capable of walking as far as he used to. It is possible that he sleeps more because of this. He may even experience aggravated arthritis problems due to additional weight. Our staff can help him exercise free from pain, build endurance, and experience renewed energy. Buoyed in the swim tank, Digger can cruise along on the underwater treadmill weightlessly. Our facility, the best dog hospital in Tampa Bay, also offers healthy food systems, nutritious treats, nutritional supplements, and pharmacy services on-site or online, so you only have to make one stop to keep his belly trim and tail wagging! We are here to help your pet shed the pounds, so bring Digger in for a consultation, so he can feel better as soon as possible.

Specialized Surgery Rehab & Accessories

It is not fun to think about your furry friend being in pain or requiring surgery, but these things do happen. If they do, you have the best dog hospital within reach for specialized surgery rehab and accessories like orthotics and carts. At Tampa Bay K9, we aim to preserve your pup’s health in mind and body. Conducting surgery rehab or giving them supporting accessories can help alleviate pain and make a recovery possible.

Surgeries often affect mobility and can result in paralysis. This is why we immediately begin rehabilitation after surgery. Not only does Rory get the medical assistance she needs, but our knowledgeable staff will also create an individualized treatment plan for her. You’ll find that everything we do for canines is targeted at improving their quality of life!

The Staff At Tampa Bay K9 Cares

At Tampa Bay K9, we care about each and every client who comes through our doors. We understand that owners are concerned about their tail-wagging pals, and we encourage them to come to the best dog hospital in the area. While we have the utmost respect for pet owners, much of our focus is directed at the animals we treat. You will not find a more caring staff than ours!

Get Individualized Treatment at the Best Dog Hospital

Choose the best dog hospital for your furry friend, and you will see a difference in no time. Our services span a variety of topics, and we can help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Orthotics
  • Cart fittings
  • Senior pets
  • Knee problems
  • Stem cell / PRP
  • Post-op recovery

With so many utilities in one facility, your pal Chance will be moving without pain in no time! Penny will recover from surgery quicker than expected. Whatever needs you have, Tampa bay K9 is equipped to meet them! Contact TBK9 or call 727-521-3518 to discuss your circumstances.