Ensuring your pet stays healthy and recovers from injuries properly requires active treatment in addition to passive rest. Canine massage services from Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation can help your dog avoid complications like muscle deterioration after an injury. Often, after an injury, dogs are hesitant to be as active as they once were. While you may chalk it up to recovery or old age, all canines need physical activity, and sometimes pain can impede their mobility. Pet owners can get the help their pet needs to live a happy and healthy life with help from Tampa Bay K9 Rehab. It is preferable that owners take their pet to a facility that specializes in rehabilitative treatment. Vets often will not have the equipment to handle rehabilitation practices like hydrotherapy adequately. Most also do not offer comprehensive massage services to assist in healing injuries new and old. With canine massage, dogs young and old alike can see improvements in mobility and reduce discomfort.

What Dogs Benefit from Canine Massage?

Every breed can benefit from the right therapeutic services. Dogs that have grown lethargic and have lost their appetite may be suffering from a health condition. Canine arthritis is one of the most common issues that arises with age. However, even younger breeds can develop the condition. Some dogs will have a higher chance of early arthritis because of genetics or size. Typically, the larger the animal, the more weight the joints and bones must support. Issues with joints and heart health can also arise due to inactivity.

Massage therapy can also loosen muscles that may have knots and improve your pet’s health. While it may not seem like a significant issue, stress can severely damage the immune system and impede recovery. At Tampa Bay K9 Rehab, your pet can benefit from professional facilities that assist animals who may be facing trouble with recovery.

Benefits of Canine Massage

One of the most significant advantages of canine massage includes improving immune response. As your dog begins to grow old, their body can no longer fight off infections and sickness as effectively as it could when they were younger. However, many studies show that massages can promote blood flow and immune health. Better blood flow also helps with cardiovascular issues. Tampa resident with dogs of all shapes and sizes can ensure they live a longer life with the right rehabilitative services. Canine massage treatment can also:

  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent spasms
  • Help with muscle weakness

Reduce Pain

Dogs sometimes forget their limits can pull a muscle or injure themselves, just like us. Other times, persistent discomforts can be the cause of genetic conditions or old age. Regardless, softly stimulating areas of pain is proven to help with many issues. Scar tissue can form when a dog does not receive any treatment following overexertion or injury. This can cause your dog to become unable to stretch or move into certain positions without discomfort. While it can be difficult to notice if your dog is suffering, there are common signs that any pet owner can track of. Rapid shifts in mood can be a sign of discomfort or injury. Your dog may yelp or cry when approached or carried. Tampa pet owners can ensure proper treatment by taking their dog to a rehabilitation center for canine massage therapy.

Help with Muscle Weakness

Due to obesity, many pets do not get proper exercise to the point that their body can no longer adequately support them. They may experience difficulties running or with balance. Canine massage and other treatments like hydrotherapy can also help with conditions like Myasthenia Gravis. Using underwater treadmills can take the pressure off of joints and reduce pain while allowing your pet to be active. The genetic disease affects the contraction of muscle leading to muscular degeneration. Pet owners can take advantage of the various services at Tampa Bay K9 Rehab including stem cell and chiropractic therapy to help their pet facing painful health conditions.

Improve Your Dog’s Health with the Help of Tampa Bay K9 Rehab

Taking a proactive approach to caring for your family friend can help them enjoy a pain-free life. You can even choose beneficial services like cold-laser therapy to reduce pain and promote healing without expensive medication. Rather than waiting for a more severe condition to develop, you can contact us today by going online or calling us at (727) 521-3518.