Pet’s, like people, live full lives that affect their overall health and wellness. Canine rehabilitation in the Florida Bay Area is necessary for many reasons. Some pets require rehabilitation because of injury or illness, others because of old age, diet, and genetics. Our broad range of treatments is designed to restore your dog to his or her glory days.

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It’s never too late to invest in your pet’s health and Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is here to help. Taking time to design a customized treatment plan, our experienced team ensures that your pet receives the best care and the best chance at a healthy future.

Services to Consider for Canine Rehabilitation


Nobody likes to see their pet in pain. Therefore, we’ve created an assortment of treatments to target specific injuries and ailments. Each service is tweaked further to accommodate breed, size, and mobility. Some of the treatments we use to rehabilitate pets include:

  • Arthritis Treatment – For older dogs, arthritis is the second most common ailment and a degenerative one. Through dietary changes, exercise, surgery rehabilitation, and hydrotherapy, we create a bespoke treatment plan for your pet.

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  • Chiropractic Therapy – Using gentle spinal manipulation, your pet can be treated for a variety of physical issues. The spine passes signals to other areas of the body, through these manipulations your pet will feel improvements in limbs, joints, and central nervous system.

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  • Hydrotherapy – Stiffness joint pain, obesity, and degenerative conditions are all positively affected by hydrotherapy. Just as humans use water for low impact exercise, dogs also benefit from the buoyancy and anti-gravitational element of water.

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  • Orthopedics – Just as humans wrap knees and wear back braces following injury or surgery, your dog benefits from the same support. Orthopedics help pups regain flexibility and range of motion.

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  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies – Using this cutting-edge technique, Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center treats painful conditions using regenerative cells from the patient’s own body.

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  • Weight Loss Program – A healthy dog is a happy dog therefore we strive to promote active lifestyles and proper eating habits for our furry patients. Working with our canine rehabilitation bay area team, your pet will receive nutritional and activity counseling to battle arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

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Before creating a treatment plan, we meet with you to design a program as unique as your furry friend. It’s important to us that each dog is treated as an individual and treatments are customized to suit specific needs.

Treating Knee Injuries at Our Rehabilitation Center


For a dog, a knee injury limits movement, restricting exercise and play. Knee injuries are more common in elderly dogs but are predisposed to certain breeds. Knee injuries not only impede motor function but negatively impact eating habits and mood. When pets live in chronic pain it dampens spirits and increases the risk of weight loss and gain.

Through therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy, and nutritional counseling, canine rehabilitation in the bay area can help your pup heal.

Benefit from Our Online Food and Pharmacy Service


Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center offers patients the convenience of an online source for natural pet food and pharmaceuticals. Having access to the right ingredients and medication for your pet is a crucial part of the recovery process.

We understand how difficult it can be to find wholesome dog food in traditional supermarket settings. Our premium quality pet foods are doctor recommended and work in tandem with many of the treatments we offer, including our custom weight loss program.

Through secure order forms, you can purchase your pet’s food and medications without ever leaving home. We also offer the simplicity of auto-ship and wholesale pricing. From flea and tick protection to refills of prescription medication, our online pharmacy is here to ensure you have the right supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Why Choose Us for Canine Rehabilitation in Florida’s Bay Area?


At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center we are passionate about helping animals. Our team is experienced in all our treatment options and strive to provide a comfortable, positive experience for you and your pet.

With more than 15-years of experience serving Florida’s Bay Area, our clinic is well acquainted with the individual needs of varying dog breeds and the ailments they’re predisposed to. Our center stretches out across 500 square feet, with enough space and equipment to cater to the largest and smallest dogs.

For more information on canine rehabilitation in the bay area, call Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center at 1-727-521-3518.