Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is the primary dog hospital in St. Petersburg. Housed within Central Animal Hospital, you will find numerous services that reduce your furry friend’s discomfort. Whether your pup is recovering from spinal surgery or their arthritis requires extra attention, we can help. If hot moist heat or low-level laser therapies are necessary, look no further. While these offerings may be unfamiliar to you, give them a chance! Each one is geared toward helping Sparky improve his health.

How Does a Dog Hospital Differ from the Vet?

Dr. Brown is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP), and his training centers on restoring your pup’s overall function, whether they have a knee injury or are recovering from surgery. Rehabilitative care is complementary to veterinary medicine, and Dr. Brown is one of the few veterinarians in Florida, let alone St. Petersburg, who is CCRP certified. Our dog hospital goes beyond what a standard vet office can do for your canine companion because we offer specialized expertise and top-of-the-line equipment targeted for rehabilitative treatment.

The Objectives of Rehabilitation

At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, we have a strong focus on promoting a higher quality of life. When Rocco’s cannot move around normally, his overall demeanor will change. His once cheerful nature may give way to sullen lethargy. This is damaging to both physical and mental health, and we can do something to stop it. At our facility, we are dedicated to our goals:

  • Reduce or eliminate discomfort
  • Restore mobility after recovering from surgery or an injury
  • Rebuild muscles to promote overall strength

We apply our rehabilitative knowledge, specialty equipment, and training techniques to achieve these treatment goals. Our entire staff in St. Petersburg is committed to each client’s case. By applying expertise in physical medicine, we have helped pets who suffer from hip dysplasia, luxated patella, lameness, arthritis, ligament tears, and more. When you fear that Ruby will never be the same again, consider our long line of client success stories! At our dog hospital, we can create a treatment plan that targets your pet’s specific condition and gently restores mobility.

Weight Management for Dogs with Limited Mobility

Many pet owners in St. Petersburg are unsure of how to promote wellness when their sweet pup struggles with obesity. The Florida heat limits long walks, and maybe you cannot walk because Toto has a limp. You may have trouble moving around yourself or, perhaps, one too many table scraps found their way into Millie’s mouth. Whatever the case, our dog hospital can help you manage your furry friend’s weight from here on out.

Not only do we offer natural pet foods and supplements filled with nutritious ingredients, but we can also get your pooch moving pain-free. Added weight makes it harder to move around, and too many pounds can make movement painful. This leads your tail-wagging pal to avoid exercise and motion as much as possible in St. Petersburg, which slows their metabolism and dwindles their spirit.

Many of our canine clients have had success with our hydrotherapy tools because water means weightlessness. Owners feel shock when they see their seemingly sluggish Boston terrier walk at a quick pace on the underwater treadmill. Others delight in the fact that hope is not lost for Daisy as they see her splash with ease in the swim tank. Hydrotherapy is a healthy way to restore mobility and rebuild muscle, and the added exercise lifts your pup’s mood.

A Variety of Services That Meet Your Every Need!

Managing obesity is just one of the many services our dog hospital offers in St. Petersburg. If you have concern for your furry friend but do not know how to assist them, our facility can surely help you find an answer. We offer rehab services like

Dr. Brown’s credentials mark him as the first vet in Pinellas County to administer harvested stem cells to clients with osteoarthritis. Our advanced methods put our dog hospital ahead of other treatment facilities in the area.

Tampa Bay K9’s Dog Hospital

Come by Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg for a tour. That way, you can inspect the facilities and learn about how we can help your canine companion. The team at our dog hospital is equipped to administer a variety of treatments and techniques to relieve your pup’s pain, restore their mobility, and rebuild their strength. Contact us today using our online form or give us a call at (727) 521-3518.