Canine Rehabilitation
Canine Rehabilitation

Was your dog injured? Help your dog live a long, healthy and pain-free life with rehabilitation services Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center.


No one likes to see their pet in pain. Our hydrotherapy sessions are a great way to help your dog live a happier, more comfortable life.

Orthopedic Therapy
Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic therapy at Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Center is a gentle approach that will help your dog regain flexibility and build strong muscles.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center

To aid in your dog’s complete recovery, Tampa Bay K9 Rehab offers rehabilitation services to restore injured, post-surgical and debilitated dogs to healthier, more active lifestyles. Our services include hydrotherapy, cold laser, massage therapy and land exercise therapy & mobility training.

At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, we are dedicated to your dog’s health and happiness. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

Stem Cell / PRP

Studies have shown a clinical benefit in utilizing stem and regenerative cells to treat conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and cartilage damage in animals. Call today to learn how we can help your dog with Stem Cell and other Regeneration Therapies

Tampa Bay K9 Rehab - Canine Stem Cell TherapyTampa Bay K9 Rehab - Canine Stem Cell Therapy

Tampa Bay K9 Rehab - HydrotherapyTampa Bay K9 Rehab - Water Treadmill

Swim Tank & UW Treadmill

Based on your dog’s specific condition, the caring staff at our rehabilitation center will tailor a program that may include physical conditioning such as underwater treadmill exercises.

Tight Rope / PRP

Partial tears are common, and Regenerative Stromal Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures with a stabilizing orthotic may be a non-surgical treatment alternative. Rehabilitation following any of these knee treatment procedure speeds healing and increases mobility with less pain.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehab - Dog Knee RepairTampa Bay K9 Rehab - Canine Knee Repair

Tampa Bay K9 Rehab - Dog Spinal Surgery

Therapeutic Rehab

Just like humans, your dog’s joints or vertebrae can become misaligned. If that happens, there may be a disruption of nerve communication to the area of his body that those nerves affect. With our gentle Chiropractic Treatment Services, we can help your dog regain more of his range of movement.

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Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation

Dr. Mark C. Brown and his caring team members are committed to helping your dog achieve improved mobility, reduced pain and increased activity by practicing the latest techniques in canine rehabilitation and physical therapy.

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Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is a 500-square-foot facility that provides individualized treatment plans to help injured, post-surgical and arthritic dogs recover more active lifestyles.

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