Nearly 40% of dogs will develop arthritis in their lifetime, limiting their ability to walk, interact with their families, and live a long and happy life. There are many different types of arthritis, but since canines are living longer lives due to good nutrition and medical care, age-related degenerative arthritis is one of the most common forms. Senior pet therapy is increasingly necessary to enhance your pup’s quality of life and it’s important to know the symptoms and treatment options available to you right in St. Petersburg.

When your veterinarian examines your furry friend, the vet will look for the dog’s response to joint movements to see if he exhibits signs of pain or discomfort. The vet will watch him walk, looking for stiffness or an odd gait. Muscle atrophy is also a common symptom, as canine muscles can deteriorate from less use. These are all important factors when making a diagnosis.

Depending on how advanced the arthritis is, the veterinarian may suggest various approaches to senior pet therapy, such as hydrotherapy, massage, or supplements. In St. Petersburg, low-level (cold) laser therapy is available. This treatment is a newer option that can make a dramatic difference in older dogs.

Senior Pet Therapy Options

Low-level laser therapy stimulates cell regeneration and blood circulation, improving flexibility in muscles and joints. Beams of light are pointed towards the arthritic areas to help heal tissue and restore flexibility. As a non-invasive procedure, it offers unique benefits for senior pet therapy such as:

  • Because there’s no surgery or need for anesthesia, your pup is completely comfortable throughout the procedure. At treatment centers like those in St. Petersburg, dogs can lay comfortably alongside their owners while undergoing treatment.
  • For older dogs, recovery from procedures can be difficult. Unlike other treatments, low-level laser treatment requires no recovery time. Your pup is ready to go home and resume normal activities right away.
  • While other options require some time to see results, the results of low-level laser treatment can be seen immediately. Your furry friend will experience less pain and a greater range of movement right away.

Watching an older dog struggle with arthritis pain can be heartbreaking. But with the help of a pet rehabilitation center in St. Petersburg that specializes in senior pet therapy, you can reduce your best friend’s pain and enhance his daily life.

Tampa Bay K-9 Rehabilitation Center: St Petersburg, FL

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, located in St. Petersburg, offers comprehensive rehabilitation services and senior pet therapy. From arthritis treatments to weight management, the Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Center is equipped with the latest technologies to help your dog. The head of the practice is Dr. Brown, a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) dedicated to rehabilitating dogs of every age. To schedule an appointment or to discuss available treatment options for your beloved companion, fill out the online form or call the center at 727-521-3518.