Seeing your furry friend age is never easy. However, senior dog therapy in St. Petersburg can help him enjoy life and exercise as much as he used to in his early years. At the same time, you will also show your best friend how much you appreciate the company.

Professional rehabilitation sessions for your pet can help relieve a variety of conditions including arthritis, joint pain, and cartilage damage. Doctors have various methods available to soothe your pooch including:

  • Regenerative Therapy: Using cells to replace damaged tissues and organs is an advanced procedure that can help an animal recover from various health conditions. Following the process and the physical therapeutic rehabilitation, your pet will show far fewer signs of pain, be happier and more energetic, as well as have more ease moving.
  • Orthopedic and Chiropractic: The techniques used in both of these types of treatment offer gentle approaches to pain, and help your pet recover flexibility and build strong muscles. Orthopedic care is a great fit for dogs that have recently had surgery or are suffering from arthritis.
  • Hydrotherapy: Water offers various benefits for humans and pets alike. Your aging pooch suffering from joint pains will enjoy playing in our pool while working on reinforcing muscles, creating better supports for his joints, all the while improving his overall flexibility.
  • Other treatments: Because every pup requires a personalized senior dog therapy plan, there are many other types of options available. Hot moist therapy, low-level cold laser, and therapeutic massage are some other common treatments that can help recovery.

While senior dog therapy will provide relief, pet owners in St. Petersburg need to understand they also play a major role in the health of their companion. Offer your best friend many opportunities to exercise, but also let him rest when needed.

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