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A Dog Hospital’s Guide to Managing Arthritis

If you notice that your prized pup doesn’t seem to be acting like themselves in St. Petersburg, pay attention to their symptoms. While age can cause some animals to slow down, significant shifts in action and behavior indicate something more serious. If you suspect that your furry friend may be showing signs of arthritis, look for: Limping Challenges with moving Favoring a particular limb Spinal complications Atrophied muscles Experts at a dog hospital can assess the situation and diagnose inflammation and osteoarthritis. This condition can make things harder for Patches, but that doesn’t mean he has to stop taking part in his [...]

Canine Hospital Tips: 3 Ways to Manage Your Dog’s Weight

As a pet owner, your furry friend is like another member of the family. You want to see Fido happy and healthy, but managing his weight can prove to be challenging. Under-exercising and overeating are the two primary causes of obesity. Whether you’re regularly skipping walks or feeding Daisy under the table, most Tampa dog owners aren’t aware that they are contributing to excessive weight gain. Experts from a canine hospital have three suggestions for managing your pooch’s poundage. 1. Monitor What They Eat The first thing to address is your dog’s diet. Since Rex will eat most anything, it’s up to [...]

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How Hydrotherapy Can Help Your Dog Post-Surgery

We all know how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for people in rehabilitation after a surgery. However, did you know that this “water healing” can also help your pup after they have undergone any elbow, shoulder, hip or spinal surgery? Water offers a low impact place for them to build strength and confidence when walking, in a safe environment. If your dog had surgery and is having a difficult time healing, contact Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center for help! Benefits of Hydrotherapy There are a variety of different kinds of hydrotherapy options in Tampa, including underwater treadmills, whirlpools and even regular pools. The [...]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

When you think about weight loss for dogs, it seems like the solution should be a simple one: Feed them less. However, if it were truly this simple, then almost half of all dogs in America wouldn’t be considered overweight. Oftentimes, owners don’t even realize their pooch is overweight until the vet informs them, and quite often still do not believe, or agree with, the vet’s claims. Unfortunately, the more overweight your pet, the more likely they are to suffer from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and ultimately an early death. How You Can Help The most important thing pet [...]

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Weight Loss for Dogs: How You Can Help

Weight loss for dogs is simple for the residents of the St. Petersburg area, since there are so many local dog parks; however, beginning your pooch on the path to healthiness starts with you. Make the decision to prolong your pet’s life by being dedicated to their health and happiness. The 2013 National Pet Obesity Awareness survey estimated 52.6% of all US dogs are overweight or obese. A weekly exercise plan is a great way to prevent maladies associated with pets that are overweight, including joint damage, heart disease, and shorter lifespan. A quick and simple way to tell if your pooch [...]

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TBK9’s Dog Weight Loss Programs

Do you have an unhealthy, overweight dog? Are you becoming increasingly concerned about their health and quality of life? If so, it may be time to take them to Central Animal Hospital and enroll them in a program at the best Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center to get them on a quick road to recovery. Our dog weight loss programs design a custom diet and therapy plan to meet their specific needs. Health Risks of Canine Obesity When a dog becomes obese, or even just slightly overweight, their health risks increase significantly. They are at risk for diseases such as arthritis, heart [...]

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