Determining whether or not your pup needs to visit a local St. Petersburg canine clinic can be rough. There are times when it is easy, but there can be less obvious signs that your pooch is in need of a vet’s help. Since our four-legged companions cannot always tell us when something is wrong, these are some of the warning signs to be mindful of:

Weight Gain or Loss

It is important that St. Petersburg pet parents monitor their pet’s weight and food intake. Subtle changes in weight happen, just like us, so it’s normal for their weight to fluctuate a little from time to time. However, major or consistent changes can be sign of trouble.

Acceptable fluctuations vary by breed and size, so it is important to visit a canine clinic for an evaluation to see if there is an underlying problem. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing their food.


Dogs need more rest to aid the immune system when they do not feel well. If your furry friend is not running at the St. Petersburg park as much as usual, it can be a sign he is trying to fight something off. The same is true if he is losing interest in things that normally get him excited, like tennis balls.

Lethargy can be a sign of illness, boredom, or even depression, which can be diagnosed at a clinic for dogs.

Itchy or Irritated Skin

A scratch here or there is normal, but a dog that is constantly scratching, chewing, or licking himself is not. Somethings you should also watch out for are skin abnormalities, such as pustules or red patches, or bald spots. Keeping an eye on where he’s itchy will help in diagnosing the ailment.

Choose TBK9 Canine Clinic

It is recommended that you pups have a vet exam every 6 months to make sure they are in good health and to stay current on their vaccines. Not only will they help to keep Fido from getting sick, but proof of vaccination will be required for doggy daycare.

To schedule your pooch’s canine clinic appointment with Tampa Bay K-9 Rehabilitation Center, contact us online or call our St. Petersburg office at 727-521-3518.