At our canine hospital, we assist animals in the Tampa Bay area who are in pain. Arthritis doesn’t seem as harsh as spinal surgery or a knee replacement, but the discomfort of this condition is severe. We offer joint therapy for dogs because the need is so great. Some owners are curious about what this involves, and we can fill you in!

Managing the Pain of Arthritis

Managing your tail-wagging pal’s discomfort will be our highest priority when we first see them. While we cannot stop arthritis once it has begun, we can help relieve the pain and improve your furry friend’s quality of life by locating problem areas, shedding unnecessary weight, and making them comfortable in your Tampa home. Our canine doctor will inspect Cricket’s entire body to identify inflammation. Some of our clients are surprised to learn that weight management is a crucial complement to joint therapy for dogs.

If your little girl is on the heavy side, we will provide a weight loss plan. Cricket might need to try a different food or just cut back on how she’s eating. Exercise is advisable for trimming down, but extra pounds weigh heavy on achy bones. Fear not, we make movement possible! Our facility has underwater exercise equipment that makes your canine companion weightless and able to walk or run without discomfort.

Treating Specific Conditions

If your wet-nosed wonder needs treatment for a specific condition, we are equipped to do so. Our staff has experience assisting those with hip dysplasia, septic or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as autoimmune diseases that prompt degeneration. Joint therapy for dogs in Tampa comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can expect individualized treatment that targets your pet’s particular aches and pains.

Exercise to Regain Mobility

Not only does exercise promote weight management, but it also builds muscle, which helps your furry friend regain mobility. Regular movement will keep paws, elbows, and hips from becoming too tight or stiff. Our staff provides:

  • Physical therapies
  • Corrective exercises
  • Dry land equipment like cavaletti rails, ramps, and stairs
  • Underwater treadmill and swim tank
  • Thera-ball therapies
  • And more!

By combining a variety of tools and resources, we can help your pup regain mobility!

Joint Therapy for Dogs at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center

If you need joint therapy for dogs in the Bay area, come to Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. Our services are wide-ranging, from post-operative recovery programs to stem cell and regenerative therapies. Call 727-521-3518 or contact us online and let our canine professionals assist your arthritic pet today!