Hydrotherapy offers a natural way for your dog to heal. Just like chiropractors, our trained professionals want to heal your dog, not just mask symptoms with medication. Whether your furry friend is recovering from an injury or they’re just getting up there in age, hydrotherapy could be extremely beneficial. You want to make your dog’s recovery process comfortable and efficient. This is all possible with the many services TBK9 has to offer, including hydrotherapy.

Heal Comfortably And Naturally

You don’t want to just pump your dog with pain medication, you want them to heal, and this is possible through the practice of hydrotherapy. Our trained staff and professional equipment create a soothing experience for your dog while we care for them. We try to keep them as comfortable as possible with temperature-controlled water and constant one on one help.

Underwater exercises relieve some of the pressure put on joints during activity. It essentially puts gravity on our side while your pup recovers. Not to mention your dog might actually enjoy their treatment session because swimming can be a fun activity for some dogs. If your dog isn’t particularly fond of water, we have methods to influence them that it’s safe and maybe even entertaining.

Hydrotherapy For Arthritis

Within three days of being immobile, dogs can start to lose some of their muscle mass. That’s why it’s so important to keep them mobile despite them suffering from arthritis. Hydrotherapy pools are typically 90-95 degrees. The warm water lubricates the muscles and allows them to relax and, in turn, decreases swelling. Warm water exercises also help the muscle to build even after without compromising your dog’s safety or comfort.

Water can feel very soothing to a dog with arthritis. The water is an environment they can move more freely in. It’s so beneficial as well, increasing hydration levels and blood circulation. While at the same time helping to flush out toxins. Your dog will be able to move more relaxed, and the pain will be reduced.

What To Keep In Mind Before Seeking Therapy In The Water

  • UTI’s
  • Ear infections
  • Water intake
  • Fatigue
  • Open wounds

There are some aspects to consider before your dog can go in the water. For example, dogs with open wounds should not be swimming. It’s a big risk for infection and could hinder the healing process of the injury by opening back up the wound. Ear infections can also worsen when if a dog is in the water. You want that area to stay clean and dry during recovery, or else bacteria could grow in the dark, moist environment.

It’s kind of the same aspect if your dog has a UTI. Moisture is all-around harmful to a UTI and usually the cause. But either way, pool water just often isn’t that clean. The water delivers bacteria straight to the infected area.

Hydrotherapy For Older Dogs

It’s important to get a dog that fits your energy levels. But as dogs get older, they usually slow down, this doesn’t have to be the case though. Water exercises are great for all dogs but especially older ones. The water allows them to exercise freely without so much weight on their weakening muscles and joints. It’s beneficial for your dog’s overall general health as well. Helping to improve things like,

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Decrease lameness
  • Promote weight loss

So even if your dog isn’t suffering from injury, hydrotherapy is still a great option. You will see a great improvement in your dog’s energy levels, and they will feel so much better. TBK9 even offers an excellent weight loss program for dogs that just need to shed off a few pounds. Dr. Mark C. Brown will create a personalized diet and exercise plan for your dog to get them healthy in no time.

Under Water Treadmill Vs. Pool

A hydrotherapy pool and the underwater treadmill are essentially the same ideas, but the treadmill allows for more control. A pool will create almost a completely weightless experience, whereas water levels can be adjusted with the treadmill. Adjustments are made as the dog heals and strengthens, and the level can be lowered. The speed of the treadmill is also increased as your dog’s muscles continue to grow and strengthen. Both forms of therapy are closely monitored by our trained staff to ensure your dog is on the right path to recovery.

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Whether your dog is slowing down with old age or recovering from injury, hydrotherapy is exceptionally beneficial. Allow your dog to heal naturally with the help of the best canine clinic. If you have any questions, call us at 727-521-3518 or contact us online today.