Aging people often benefit from special care, and it turns out our pets are just the same. Senior pet therapy in St. Petersburg will help your aging pooch enjoy life and exercise just like he used to when he was a young puppy.  It is not uncommon for older dogs to suffer from geriatric neurological condition that manifest themselves under the form of spinal injuries and related pains. Orthopedic conditions are also often responsible for your pooch to be in pain.

Senior Pet Therapy and Treatments

When your beloved furry friend is not doing well, you may think about finding the best medication to help him. In many cases, unfortunately, this is not a long-term solution. Whether the pet is not responsive to the medication, or the treatment is too heavy for him, finding a better solution is now possible.

Senior pet therapy in St. Petersburg, including orthopedic therapy, is one of the best treatment options for your pooch suffering from painful joints, obesity, arthritis, and other problems that may be related to age. Doctors in the area have a variety of methods that can provide relief to your pets:

  • Hydrotherapy offers all the various benefits of water. Pets can enjoy getting physical activity with reinforced support provided by water while improving his overall flexibility and mobility.
  • Orthopedic therapy techniques used on pets offers gentle treatments that help your aging pooch build and maintain strong muscles. It can be particularly beneficial for dog that has recently had surgery.
  • Regenerative therapy is an advanced procedure that uses cells to replace damaged tissues. This process can help an animal recover from a wide variety of health conditions.

TBK9 Rehabilitation Center

To learn more about the great benefits of senior pet therapy for your furry friend, contact the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. Since its opening in 2004 the center has helped dog owners of St. Petersburg provide their pooch with the senior dog therapy treatments they deserve.

The friendly and dedicated staff will work to create a customized plan of action so your aging pup and enjoy play time as he used to. Give us a call today at 727-521-3518 or contact us online to schedule your appointment near St. Petersburg.