When dogs age, they may have more difficulty moving around like they used to. They are also more susceptible to certain conditions and diseases, such as osteoarthritis. Senior pet therapy can help these aging animals stay active and mobile long into their old age. Canine rehabilitation is also excellent for dogs who are recovering from surgeries or procedures. Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center can help speed recovery, ease pain, and improve your dog’s quality of life.

What Conditions Does Senior Pet Therapy Help?

Geriatric dogs often face health problems like cancer, diabetes, joint and bone diseases, muscle weakness, heart disease, and kidney problems. Additionally, many suffer a decline in eyesight and hearing, making it hard to navigate the world around them.

The main goal of senior pet therapy is to reduce pain, boost strength and flexibility, maintain range of motion, and restore mobility so your pet can live a healthy life. Many owners will notice their dog struggling to stand up after laying down, having difficulty getting up and down stairs, and avoiding activity like running or swimming. If you notice anything off, take your dog to the vet for an evaluation.

Evaluating Your Dog’s Health

Your vet will assess your dog to determine if it is experiencing any struggles with movement. They will watch your dog sit, stand, walk, and see if there is any limping, favoring limbs, abnormal coordination, and overall posture. This will indicate if there may be something like arthritis going on. Continuing the physical evaluation, the doctor will assess the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to discover any dysfunction. They will review your dog’s health history, discuss your observation and concerns with you, and palpitate to find problems. They can also feel for swelling, muscle atrophy, tenderness, and thickened joints while testing range of motion. If there is anything amiss, they may suggest senior pet therapy at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center.

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Difference

Senior pet therapy at Tampa Bay K9 will help your dog recover from physical and physiological ailments. Our professionals will devise a treatment plan that may include in-clinic care and supplemental at-home exercises. In-clinic care may include hydrotherapy, massage therapy, laser, coordination exercises, and more. Dog rehabilitation plans are designed to increase strength and muscle tone, improve flexibility and range of motion, relieve pain, reduce weight (for overweight patients), and boost recovery.

Your pet’s therapy specialist at Tampa Bay K9 may assign you at-home exercises to complete with your dog as well. These exercises may include light stretching or massage, coordination exercises, or going outside for walks. What is important is that your dog stays active, using their limbs and exercising their body to avoid atrophy. Of course, discuss with your dog’s doctor before exercising your pet to make sure you stay within their physical limits.

Help Your Pet Heal with Professional Canine Rehabilitation Services

Contact Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg so we can discuss your pet’s health and how senior pet therapy can help them recover. Whether you have an aging dog who needs help getting around or a young dog recovering from surgery, our canine rehabilitation services can help them live a better life. Call us today at (727) 521-3518 or contact us online to learn more.