Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is the top animal clinic in the area. If your dog needs support or assistance, bring them to our facility! We have helped numerous clients who had little hope left for their pet’s recovery. We delight in our work every step of the way, whether Lilly has a sprained paw or Roscoe needs spinal surgery rehab. When it comes to critters, we understand that their health and medical conditions can be wide-ranging. This is why we offer the numerous services that we do. You should not have to run all over town seeking help. With us, you can come to one place for all your needs!

We Go Beyond Standard Veterinary Services

As an animal clinic, we go beyond standard veterinary services for dogs because we know there is a need for it. Not all veterinarians have the space, tools, or licensing to provide the treatment your pup needs. Few facilities in Tampa Bay offer the wide range of services and equipment that we do, which includes:

  • Stem cell and regenerative therapies
  • Spinal and knee surgery rehab
  • Hydrotherapy equipment, like underwater treadmills
  • Land exercises, like cavaletti rails, ramps, and stairs
  • Chiropractic and massage therapy
  • And more!

So, when your furry friend shows signs of chronic fatigue or an injury in Tampa, bring them to our animal clinic for comprehensive treatment and care.

Canine Rehab Center

The professionals at our canine rehab center in St. Petersburg are certified to help with obesity, arthritis, knee conditions, regenerative therapies, spinal surgery rehab, orthotics and cart fittings, and postoperative treatment.


Has Rita put on some extra pounds? This may be because she gets fed table scraps or because her arthritis keeps her from exercising like she used to. Whatever the case, it needs to be addressed. At our animal clinic, we tackle weight management head on! We know that a healthy weight means a higher quality of life.


We understand that certain breeds and most aging dogs will suffer from arthritis at some point in Tampa. If Tito is obese, this increases the pain. The extra weight will slow him down, physically, and place unwanted pressure on the joints. Not only is this painful for him, but he will avoid play and turn inward to minimize discomfort. Our hydrotherapy equipment is designed to create weightless environments for exercise. You will be shocked to see how easily Tito can move once he is on our underwater treadmill at the animal clinic.

Knee conditions

Without healthy knees, Dodger will avoid moving at all costs. If your pup has a CCL rupture or a partial ligament tear, bring them in. Not only can Tampa Bay K9 complete the necessary operations, but our rehabilitative exercises will also speed up your pooch’s recovery.

Regenerative therapies

This new approach to veterinary medicine is offered at our affiliate hospital and can be used to treat osteoarthritis.

Spinal surgery rehab

The spine connects to all parts of the body, and a spinal injury could render Georgette paralyzed or immobile. Imagine her diminished quality of life if you do not seek out surgical treatment followed by rehabilitation.

Orthotics and cart fittings

Surgeries or amputations should not leave your canine companion unable to move. We offer custom orthotics and cart fittings, so they can resume their daily routine.

Postoperative treatment

After Einstein has had an operation, it is crucial that he recovers properly. Failure to exercise or rehabilitate could lead to future problems and injuries.

Our love for dogs goes into all the work we do at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. There are no lost causes at our animal clinic. So, if you are worried about your pet, give us a call.

Tampa Bay’s Premier Animal Clinic

If your furry friend is not acting like himself, come to Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Center. We provide treatment options for numerous conditions, whether you have a young puppy or an aging senior pet. Think of the relief your tail-wagging pal could feel, as well as the empowerment they can experience with strengthening exercises. An injury or physical condition should not hold your pooch back. Contact us online or give us a call at (727) 521-3518. We believe in finding possibilities at our animal clinic, so turn to our professionals for help!