Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is the premier animal hospital in the area. If your dog’s health is suffering, you want to do more than alleviate their discomfort— you want to help them regain strength and mobility. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as our passion for helping animals heal, you will be satisfied with the service we provide.

Keep Your Furry Friend in Motion

It can be expected that your furry friend will slow down over time, but we want to help you keep them moving as the years go by in Tampa. Of course, a seven-year-old pooch will not be as rambunctious as a young pup, but they should stay active. Our animal hospital is dedicated to helping pets of all ages and conditions maintain their health through strength building exercises and therapeutic treatments that improve range of motion. There are countless benefits to exercising your dog:

  • Assists with weight management
  • Aids digestion
  • Curbs hyperactivity and destructive behaviors
  • Promotes a strong bond with owner and builds trust

You contribute to your tail-wagging buddy’s emotional and physical wellness when you incorporate regular exercise into the daily routine in Tampa. But what do you do when they seem incapable of doing so?

Maybe your Pomeranian had back surgery or your scrappy rescue sprained their front paw. Or perhaps, your Weimaraner has progressive arthritis. No injury or condition should keep your canine from their favorite activities, like the daily walk or a game of fetch. But without proper healing or therapeutic treatment, they may start to show disinterest as a way to avoid any pain. The less your pet moves, the more their health declines, so come to our animal hospital to tackle any problems your furry friend has!

Rehabilitate After Surgery

Many of the dogs we see at our facility in Tampa are recovering from some kind of surgery. Some have even had the procedure completed in-house by our specialist Dr. Mark Brown who is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP.) Whether you have seen us before or not, we welcome your whole family to our animal hospital.

Hydrotherapy: This approach is best for those who are obese or recovering from an injury. We use water to make Bailey almost weightless in the swim tank or on the underwater treadmill. By taking the pressure off of the joints, they can move free from pain. This is helpful for building muscle and shedding unwanted weight.

Dry land exercises: We use stairs, cavaletti rails, ramps, and the Thera-ball to assist with strength building. Your pooch may be tentative at first, but pretty soon, they will be back up and at it! Bring them to the animal hospital in Tampa to check out our technique!

Back and knee injuries: Muscle and tendon injuries are not as difficult to heal as those to the joints, like the back and knees. If Maisie has a CCL rupture or a torn ligament, this will keep her from moving with ease. Our doctor can use stem cell and regenerative therapies to tackle these complications.

Senior pets: Age brings with it many health challenges, including but not limited to hip dysplasia, arthritis, lameness, muscle spasms and neurological conditions. Our team of experts will help you navigate your senior dog’s changing health.

Orthotics and cart fittings: If you also need orthopedic treatment or cart fittings, come to our animal hospital. These tools are crucial for Milo’s movement.

Whatever surgery or condition your pet may be dealing with, we have a way to help them heal. Too many owners in Tampa give up when they that Fluffy is lethargic. You can help her heal and regain mobility by bringing her in to see our team.

Food and Pharmacy Services

The team at our animal hospital in Tampa emphasizes the importance of staying in motion because it helps keep the pounds off your pup, but nutrition is equally important. A unique aspect of our facility is that we offer food and pharmacy services online as well as onsite. No more standing in the store scanning rows upon rows of chow; we can advise which foods you choose to give your tail-wagging pal. We utilize Life’s Abundance— Natural Pet Food Systems to manage weight and build muscle. Nutrients will provide fuel and add to your pup’s wellness, and our expertise and high-quality products will contribute to their recovery.

Tampa Bay K9 Animal Hospital

At Tampa Bay K9’s animal hospital, your dog will receive the care they need to regain mobility and rebuild muscle. Our variety of therapies and techniques allow us to meet your canine companion where they are at, physically and emotionally. When you team with us, you will see the once-lively character of your pet return. Contact us online or call us at (727) 521-3518 to start treatment!