Animal hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that allows your dog to exercise in Tampa weightlessly. Whether your pet suffers from arthritis or is struggling with weight management, the equipment we use at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center will result in a more mobile pup. This helps keep the pounds off and spirits up, no matter your dog’s age.

Signs Your Pet Needs Hydrotherapy

Since the days are long and the years are short in Tampa, you might dismiss Roscoe’s waning energy as a sign of age. His tail-wagging ways should be intact whether he is a puppy or a senior, and there are several indications that he could benefit from animal hydrotherapy:

  • Overweight
  • Inflamed joints
  • Lethargic disposition
  • Difficulty when rising or lying down
  • Injuries that interfere with the exercise
  • Favoring a particular limb

Animal hydrotherapy is utilized to combat the negative effects of these nagging symptoms. Perhaps Penny is a bit heavier than usual. The added weight places pressure on the joint, and if arthritis is an issue, the strain can become severe. Penny will likely avoid movement whenever possible and start to exhibit an apathetic attitude. As her ability to engage is limited, so her quality of life will suffer in Tampa. Even if arthritis is not a problem, the extra pounds will put Penny at a disadvantage, health-wise. If she presents any of the signs listed, consult with a nearby canine hospital.

How Animal Hydrotherapy Can Help

Animal hydrotherapy allows your dog to exercise without the physical stress caused by post-op recovery, an injury, or because they are overweight. Owners are delighted as they watch their pup paddle in the swim tank because, just this morning, he showed no interest when offered a walk. The same goes for your darling dachshund named Dali, who is cruising on the underwater treadmill like you have not seen in years. By making these canines nearly weightless with the help of buoyancy, they can move without physical discomfort. This avenue for exercise makes it possible to remain active whether there is inflammation of the joints or an ongoing struggle with obesity. Physical activity will keep Thor and Loki in motion and upbeat!

Also, by entrusting your dog’s treatment to professionals, you can ensure a safer and speedier recovery. By bringing your furry friend to Tampa Bay K9’s Rehabilitation Center, you will get input and an individualized treatment plan. We will assess Gemma’s condition and try to locate the source of her pain. No pup should have to suffer and limit their mobility, and our canine doctor is dedicated to locating the problem that is holding Gemma back.

What to Expect with Animal Hydrotherapy

Not everyone is familiar with animal hydrotherapy, and the staff at Tampa Bay K9’s Rehabilitation Center aims to help you understand. If our doctor confirms that Hank could benefit from this technique, we will explain what this can look like in great detail. Since your canine companion is different than any other in Hillsborough County, you can expect individualized treatment specific to Hank’s needs. His might include

Animal hydrotherapy — Suspended in water, your dog will be weightless. This means inflamed joints, excess weight, and certain injuries will not interfere with their ability to move. We offer a swim tank, as well as an underwater treadmill. With both, the temperature is neutral, so your pooch does not get too chilly while exercising at our canine hospital.

Input on treatment — Our staff has a multitude of experience rehabilitating pooches and pups in Tampa. We know what Precious can handle in her current condition, as well as how long her recovery might take. If you try to conduct her treatment on your own, you may dismiss what Princess really needs or, worse, injure her further.

A happier pet — By teaming with Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, you can expect to see a happier disposition in your tail-wagging pal. Movement is a way of life for dogs, and without exercise, yours will surely suffer. Not only will added weight hold them back, but they will also feel more lethargic. By seeking animal hydrotherapy services, your dog can experience renewed energy and an increase in activity!

Corresponding Services We Offer

Our doctor and medical staff are dedicated to assisting your furry friend by offering rehabilitative care and recovery options. Since no two pooches are alike, we anticipate variations in treatment as well. Often, we suggest pairing animal hydrotherapy with one or more of our therapeutic services:

  • Thera-ball
  • Arthritis care
  • Low level (cold) laser
  • Hot moist heat therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • And more!

With so many treatments in one location, local families should bring their dogs to us!

Tampa Bay K9 for Animal Hydrotherapy

At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center, we specialize in helping dog owners with finding renewed hope for your injured or ailing comrade. In addition to animal hydrotherapy, we also offer laser treatments, massage, and nutritional plans that promote weight loss. For additional information on Tampa Bay K9’s methods, equipment, and facility, contact our staff in St. Petersburg or give us a call at (727) 521-3518.