Visiting an animal rehabilitation clinic in Tampa is sometimes necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet. Dogs recovering from surgery need proper aftercare. Proper rehabilitation for animals relies on methods like chiropractic medicine and facilities designed with canines in mind. A common issue that may require specific care and attention is obesity. Being overweight is dangerous for the health of animals. The extra weight can place an unhealthy amount of pressure on the spine. Also, many canines have latent issues that affect joints and spinal health. Breeds such as German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Rottweilers, and Great Danes are at a higher risk for arthritis. When dealing with weight issues, motivating them can be difficult. There may be other factors exacerbating the condition. Obesity in animals can be the result of a number of factors like:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • Muscle weakness

At our animal rehabilitation clinic, we can provide treatment to improve your pet’s quality of life. Studies have found that stress hormones released due to pain slow down the healing process. Stress also negatively impacts the immune system, making it harder for your pet to fight off infections and disease. Reducing pain through therapeutic services can increase a canine’s recovery rate and improve many health conditions.

Does my Pet Require Treatment at an Animal Rehabilitation Clinic?

Tampa pet owners should always be on the lookout for changes in their dog’s behavior. Signs of injury can sometimes go without notice until it is unbearable for your pet. If they are constantly yowling, that may be a sign of pain. Pet owners should also watch out for changes in activity levels and eating habits. Old age is sometimes a major factor, but it may also be a health condition. Weakening joints are unavoidable as time begins to wear down the cartilage. Other signs that point to your dog needing a visit to an animal rehabilitation clinic include:

  • Excessive panting or drooling
  • Restlessness or anxiety
  • Trouble walking
  • Refusing to move
  • Anger or lashing out when touched
  • Slow responses

When some animals suffer from an injury, they act as if they just want to be left alone. They may seem more lethargic, but still healthy. However, they sometimes can become hostile. Touching or moving them can cause them pain. Purebred dog owners in Tampa have to deal with an increased chance of specific condition developing later in life. Purebreds commonly develop more cases of cancers and joint and bone issues. With proper care from an animal rehabilitation clinic, purebreds and mixes alike can live a longer and healthier life.

Common Animal Injuries

As durable and intelligent as canines are, they can still overwork or hurt themselves. Common injuries include broken bones and ligament tears. Ankle sprains and hip damage can also occur during slips and falls. Tampa dogs that work as K9 units or racing greyhounds can suffer from permanent injury without treatment. At our animal rehabilitation clinic, we can handle knee injuries as well as provide arthritis treatment.

Treatments Available at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center

With arthritis, getting an older dog to move can be near impossible. You do not want to push them too hard either, as that will only worsen their symptoms. Hydrotherapy services allow dogs to exercise with less discomfort. Hydrotherapy begins when we suspend your dog in a pool of water with a treadmill. There, they can run with less gravity weighing them down during movement. Other treatment methods such as Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy use new technology and science. At our animal rehabilitation clinic in Tampa Bay, we can extract stem cells from fatty tissue. By injecting it into sites of deteriorating areas like joints, the healthy cells can replace damaged tissue.

Tampa pet owners can contact TBK9 to schedule an appointment by going online or calling (727) 521-3518 today.