Tampa Bay K9 Rehab is a canine clinic that is passionate about helping dogs live a better quality of life. We are located in St. Petersburg and are therefore quickly accessible to all of the Bay area. Our clinic provides your pet with full-service rehabilitation and physical therapy services for all breeds and ages of dogs.

The canine clinic delivers all-inclusive and progressive treatment for your pup with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, therapeutic services, hydro-treatment, holistic, and regenerative services. Since March 2004, TBK9 Rehab has offered individualized treatment plans to dogs. Helping rehabilitate and treat injured, post-surgical, and arthritic dogs so that they can recover faster, have less pain, improve mobility, and have a more dynamic way of life.

About Our Canine Clinic 

Our full-service canine clinic in St. Petersburg offers your pet the very latest in therapeutic and rehabilitation therapy equipment. Committed members of our team will design an individualized plan to restore your loved one’s mobility. Conveniently located in St. Petersburg, we are accessible to all Tampa Bay pet parent residents.

Dr. Mark C. Brown and his compassionate team members are also dedicated to assisting your dog to achieve enhanced flexibility, reduced aching and pain, and improved movement through the knowledge and performance of the latest methods in canine rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Our canine clinic is housed within Central Animal Hospital. The Tampa Bay K9 Rehab of St. Petersburg is a 500 square foot multi-purpose clinic that offers rehabilitation and physical therapy services including:

  • Aquatic therapy and underwater treadmill with swim tank
  • Dryland exercise area with Cavaletti rails, stairs, and ramps
  • Hydrotherapy with dry land exercise
  • Thera-ball therapy
  • Hot moist heat therapy
  • Low level (cold) laser therapy
  • Therapeutic massage therapy
  • Limited chiropractic therapy

Reasons you Should Visit the Canine Clinic 

Dogs, just like people, may also need rehabilitation services. If your furry friend recently had surgery, their movement will be limited, and they will be in pain. Quickly starting rehabilitation is vital to a fast and effective recovery. Or if your dog is obese. Obesity can cause a plethora of health problems later in life and will make your pet uncomfortable. A rehabilitation practitioner will create a diet plan made specifically for your dog. Signs of arthritis or other age-related problems like hip dysplasia or muscle spasms are good reasons to consider rehabilitation. Your pets will get less active as they get older but pay attention because they could be in pain. 

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Your dog will benefit significantly from TBK9 Rehab of St. Petersburg’s unique aquatic therapy and underwater treadmill with a swim tank. Our hydrotherapy treatment option uses the properties of water to aid in healing. Also combined with beneficial exercises all in a controlled environment that allows for numerous wide-ranging benefits such as:

  • Buoyancy: Supports your animal’s weight for less stress on healing bones and joints after surgery and also less stress on arthritic joints.
  • Resistance: Builds muscle mass in dogs, and improves cardiovascular health, help fight obesity in dogs young and old.
  • Temperature: Helps improve your pup’s circulation and keeps his muscles warm during exercise.Signs of Arthritis

 Signs of Arthritis

An estimated 20% of dogs experience arthritis that is over one year old. It can be challenging to tell when your dog is in pain, so you have to be aware of the signs.

      • Lagging behind while on walks
      • Aggression from otherwise calm dogs 
      • Licking affected joints
      • Stiffness and trouble getting up
    • Yelping when touched 

Our Helping and Healing Services

Our canine clinic in St. Petersburg provides pet parents with the best services for pooches of all ages. In fact, we can help and heal your beloved best friend if he or she needs:

Spinal Surgery Rehab

Dogs that have undergone spinal surgery have generally reduced movement and, in the worst-case paralysis. Rehabilitation is paramount to your pet’s recovery. TBK9 has the training and experience to properly rehabilitate them in the early post-surgical period as neurological recovery is time-sensitive and therefore requires quick action.

Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies

Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine is a ground-breaking method to healing canine injuries and diseases. Most notably, it is less invasive than other procedures. Our canine clinic also offers stem cell and other regenerative therapies to lessen the pain of join and osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and irritable bowel syndrome. In fact, this treatment therapy helps your furry family members to improve their quality of life.

Contact Our Canine Clinic

For more information about our helping and healing services, or to make an appointment for your pet to experience our holistic care, please contact TBK9 Rehab online or give us a call at (727) 521-3518.