Every pet owner in St. Petersburg wants to provide their furry friend with the best care possible. This includes finding the best canine hospital in the area, if needed. Thankfully, the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is a leader in providing individualized treatment plans to help injured dogs, those who underwent surgery, and those who suffer from arthritis.

Our Services

Our canine hospital goes above and beyond to offer a variety of medical services to the pups of St. Petersburg who require some special attention. We have grown to become the leaders in:

  • Treating Arthritis: When joints become inflamed anywhere in the body of your pooch, we can come up with a couple plans of action to help him recover. Surgery is necessary in some cases, but other solutions can also be appropriate.
  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy: One of our latest areas of practice at our canine hospital in St. Petersburg uses advanced techniques to replace damage or diseased tissues. The process is lengthy, but the results can be incredible.
  • Relieving Knee Conditions: Because of their anatomy, our furry friends often suffer from injuries around the cranial cruciate ligament. Whether the tear is partial or completely ruptured, the pain generated requires attention. We offer both a traditional treatment method and a non-surgical alternative treatment.
  • Caring for Senior Pets: Aging, for pets and humans alike, can cause a variety of conditions to develop in the body. Whether your pooch suffers from a geriatric neurological or orthopedic condition, our staff can come up with a treatment option to provide relief to your senior dog.
  • Weight Loss Program: Pets tend to be overfed and not receive enough exercise; which sometimes causes them to become overweight. Before this weight problem becomes a more important health issue, we offer dietary counseling and other tips to help your pooch recover a healthy weight.

Our Story

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is a complete canine hospital serving the St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. We were established in 2004 and are currently located within the Central Animal Hospital. Our staff, led by Dr. Brown, has a true passion for pets, and wants to help them get back to chasing squirrels as soon as possible. Dr. Brown is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner who received extensive training. Not to mention the fact that he is one of only a handful of veterinarians CCRPs in the state.

Within our center, we have all the equipment necessary to provide your dog with the best care possible. You will find an underwater treadmill, swim tank, dry land exercise areas with stairs, ramps, and more. From hydrotherapy, to hot moist heat therapy, to low level laser therapy, to therapeutic massage therapy, or senior pet therapy, rest assured your pooch is in the hands of professionals.

Our canine hospital of St. Petersburg and Tampa gladly accepts new patients, and we suggest that prospective patients fill in our online forms to learn what to expect when you visit us at the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center.

Current patients can enjoy our other services for ordering food and medicine. You can now receive premium quality food from your trusted canine hospital directly at home. While we have an on-site pharmacy, you may also refill prescriptions and purchase other products such as flea/ticks products online for home delivery.

Contact our Canine Hospital

For more information about our care center in St. Petersburg, or to schedule a visit call us today at (727) 521-3518. One of our staff members will take the time to answer all your questions regarding our services and help you get you started with a treatment plan adapted to the needs of your furry friends.