Located inside the Central Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center helps dogs throughout the area regain and maintain their mobility at our canine hospital. Accidents happen, and health can decline, but that does not mean your furry friend is resigned to a life of pain. Whether your pup is a mix that you rescued or a purebred, health complications will occur over time. When they do, come to our facility and become part of the Tampa Bay K9 family.

Promote Healthy Movement

One of the primary goals of our canine hospital is to encourage healthy movement. Mobility is one of the keys to optimal wellness, which is what we want for all dogs. After all, if their body is kept in good health, their mind is more likely to stay sharp. Without regular movement, your pooch is more likely to put on too much weight, have heart complications, and develop arthritis. These factors affect their stamina, ability to handle the St. Petersburg heat, and participation in activities they like, like walks or a game of fetch.

You may notice that Biscuit’s spirits started to dampen around the time he started to struggle with joint pain. Or maybe Peach is reluctant to curl up beside you on the couch because the jump up or down is painful. Your pet’s mobility affects their enjoyment and quality of life. A canine hospital with a rehabilitation center, like ours, will help identify the best way to regain your dog’s mobility. We know that a dog in motion is a happy, healthy pup, which is why our team is dedicated to promoting healthy exercise.

Rehabilitation Treatments for Every Need

Our canine hospital has served the St. Petersburg area for many years and has helped many dogs return to better health. We can help Pongo and Perdi with:

  • Arthritis
  • Knee Injuries
  • Obesity
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Spinal Surgery Rehab
  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapies

It can be challenging to bounce back after an injury or surgery, and some dogs in St. Petersburg avoid movement because it is too painful. Without exercise, Harley’s health will suffer. Our canine hospital’s range of services is designed to meet the unique needs of your furry friend.

Hydrotherapy is especially popular for arthritic or overweight tail-waggers because the water takes pressure off of the joints, thereby relieving discomfort. You may be surprised the first time you see Pickles on the underwater treadmill or in the swim tank because you have not seen him move so comfortably in a while. In the water, your pooch can exercise free from pain and rebuild muscle tone they have lost.

Dry Land Exercises are an essential component for recovery. The range of motion can become limited if Patches has not been mobile for awhile. We use stairs, ramps, and cavaletti rails, which are both helpful and fun.

Additional Therapies: Your pup may benefit from supplementary therapies like massage, low level (cold) laser, hot moist heat, the thera-ball, and chiropractic care. We will customize Dizzy’s treatment plan to meet her exact needs.

Your best friend does not have live with the pain in St. Petersburg. Help them out by bringing them to Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center.

Weight Loss Programs

While many come to our St. Petersburg facility for rehabilitation services after an injury or surgery, we treat a number of dogs who are obese at our canine hospital. Since our focus is on wellness, you do not have to worry about feeling judged if Gizmo has put on some extra pounds. We want what is best for your pet, and we will provide exercise routines and nutritional counseling to get them back on track. Being overweight places strain on the body, and it is connected to medical complications, like back and heart problems. Let our team assist you in getting your furry friend back to a healthy weight!

Come to Our Canine Hospital in St. Petersburg

Whether your furry friend struggles with hip dysplasia or is recovering from a herniated disc, the professionals at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg can help. We have compassion for animals and want to help those who are in pain. It is powerful to see the transformation that our clients experience after undergoing therapies and treatments, like hydrotherapy and dry land exercises. Take away the pain and regain strength and stamina at our canine hospital!