At TBK9, we offer a multitude of regenerative services, including stem cell therapy. Our goal is to get your dog healed and playing comfortably again after suffering from an illness or having surgery. No matter what kind of pain your pup is in, we want to help them heal in the most comfortable way possible, and we are able to do that with stem cell therapy. This treatment offers a way for your pet to actually regenerate damaged tissue.

What Exactly Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are pretty special. In humans and dogs, they can develop into new specialized cell types. They start out as basically a blank canvas and can grow and develop. This is exceptionally beneficial in veterinary medicine because it can be used to regenerate dead or damaged tissue. They can also replace damaged tissue in different areas of the body due to the fact they can actually change their cell type. Here are just a few examples of what stem cells can differentiate into,

  • Blood vessels
  • Bones
  • Cardiac
  • Cartilage
  • Fat

Stem cell therapy for humans and dogs is the same general idea. However, there are fewer regulations for performing the procedure on dogs, so this therapy is typically just in use when it comes to animal rehabilitation. Either way, though, the benefits of this therapy are amazing, and your dog can finally move as they once did when they were young.

How We Use Stem Cell Therapy To Heal Your Dog

If your dog has damaged muscles, joints, or ligaments, stem cells could help repair these damaged areas. We inject the cells into the affected area; they basically then adapt to their new surroundings and change to fit the new cell types. The healthy stem cells then grow onto the damaged area, repairing the muscle or tissue. In some cases, for cancer treatment, the stem cells are taken directly from your dog’s bone marrow.

So your dog is actually healing rather than just building up scar tissue, and irritating damaged areas, and the benefits are amazing. Your dog will experience increased mobility, better energy, less pain, and faster recovery time.

Your Dog Could Be A Candidate For Treatment

If your dog suffers from any of the following conditions, stem cell therapy could be a beneficial treatment option.

  • Lymphoma
  • Arthritis
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cancer (in some cases).

Stem cell therapy is especially beneficial to dogs suffering from arthritis. They can experience relief from pain and improved mobility from a disease otherwise known as incurable. Not to mention stem cells can literally change into any kind of cell. So there really aren’t many boundaries that limit the use of this extraordinary treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment For Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem that dogs face as they age. Many owners will take the route of medications, but they usually have adverse side effects. Plus, they usually don’t find relief from these typical pain medications. Luckily though stem cell therapy has really been gaining popularity for treating arthritis in dogs. The treatment temporarily heals the affected area, and the stem cells promote healthy tissue growth. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, you might feel like it’s impossible to manage their pain. However, arthritis diagnoses do not mean your dog is out of options. Stem cell therapy can have your dog playing and running as if they were a puppy again.

The Process Of Treatment

So first, the cells have to be extracted from your dog. The cells are usually taken from blood plasma or fat tissue. Once the cells are taken, they’re then separated from the unhealthy cells and directly injected back into the affected area. The cells then differentiate into whatever tissue the dog needs rebuilding. After the procedure, your dog will probably want to be more active, but its recommended to take things slow. The cells will need time to properly repair the injury, so the first ten days thing’s should be pretty relaxed at home.

Unfortunately, the benefits of stem cell therapy will not last forever in your dog’s body. Typically, another treatment is needed six months to a year post-therapy. Regardless though the benefits are well worth it to get your pup feeling like their old self again.

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