You may be loyal to your vet in St. Petersburg, but a time may come when you need to take your furry friend to a dog hospital. Even if you wanted to remain with your doctor, they may be unable to assist you. What sets Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center apart from standard veterinary clinics is our broad range of services and equipment. We specialize in helping canines recover from injuries, surgeries, and more.

Speed Up Recovery

Whether your pup twisted his paw or he just had spinal surgery, our staff is equipped to promote a quicker recovery. Physical trauma and invasive procedures can be stressful for Gaston, so you need to utilize rehabilitative services in St. Petersburg. In some cases, you need medical expertise. In others, you need access to equipment. Whatever your circumstances, our dog hospital is sure to be able to assist you. A few services that we offer include:


When arthritis plagues your pooch’s paws, everything aches. You might notice that Belle no longer engages in activities the way she used to. She might wince whenever she lies down or stands up. If her joints make her uncomfortable, then physical activity will be the last thing she wants to do. At our facility, Belle will not mind getting wet when she uses our hydrotherapy tools to exercise because the movement is pain-free!

At our dog hospital, she might paddle in the swim tank or go for a walk on the underwater treadmill, but you can bet her tail will be wagging all the way! This equipment is helpful to post-operative patients in St. Petersburg, as well as those who struggle with obesity. If Rolly has put on some extra pounds, it will be challenging for him to exercise with ease. Plus, the added weight will aggravate any existing arthritis.

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercises

Our staff delights in assisting local canines with physical therapy and rehabilitation. We provide specialized treatment to animals because we believe in enhancing their quality of life. Our doctor will create a unique recovery plan for Calliope because we understand that each pup needs individualized attention. Her physical therapy treatments may involve:

  • Stairs and ramps
  • Cavaletti rails
  • Thera-ball
  • Hot moist heat therapy
  • Low-level laser

This list is just a glimpse of the therapeutic resources our dog hospital has on hand in St. Petersburg. With the aid of our staff, your sweet girl will be back in motion in no time!

Medical Assistance for Senior Dogs

As Hubert gets older, he might require medical assistance to maintain physical comfort and quality of life. We can help him retain or rebuild muscle, and we will address any mobility complications like:

Osteoarthritis – We mentioned arthritis, regarding our hydrotherapy equipment, above; but we also offer stem cell and regenerative therapies in St. Petersburg. We can reduce discomfort, prevent existing inflammation from getting worse, and make physical activity possible.

Hip conditions – It can be difficult to watch your tail-wagging pal suffer, and hip dysplasia and lameness are particularly heartbreaking. At our dog hospital, Penny can find pain relief and put a stop to potential osteoarthritis problems.

Spinal complications – Geriatric neurological issues increase with age, but that does not mean there isn’t help available. When the spine is in question, your furry friend needs medical attention, and Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center can provide it! We have helped animals with:

  • Intervertebral disc ruptures or bulges
  • Spondylosis deformans
  • Vertebral instability
  • Lumbosacral stenosis
  • Degenerative myelopathy

Whether Apollo needs a massage or a physical therapy program, the staff at our dog hospital can make it possible for him to regain strength and flexibility in St. Petersburg.

Cart fittings and orthotics – Tinkerbell can stay in motion even if she suffers from lameness or muscle spasms. Orthotics and carts will make her mobile for years to come! We can conduct fittings at our facility.

Find Hope at Tampa Bay K9’s Dog Hospital

No matter your pup’s needs, the Tampa Bay K9 team is ready to provide help. Beyond our various treatment methods, we also offer pharmacy services and Life’s Abundance food systems. That way, you do not have to travel across the Bay for prescriptions or healthy eats. We love treating canines at our dog hospital in St. Petersburg, so bring your pet in when they experience medical setbacks. Contact us online or give us a call at (727) 521-3518 – we will have your pup’s tails wagging and their bodies back in motion!