Dog rehabilitation services are critical to a full recovery following an injury or surgery. Chronic conditions that affect the joints might also require dog therapy to retain or restore mobility. You don’t have to watch your beloved Springer Spaniel become a fluffy muffin due to inactivity.

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center specializes in dog rehabilitation therapies that are also entirely focused on restoring mobility, reducing pain and strengthening muscles. Injuries, surgery, or chronic pain might make it tough for your furry pal to engage in his favorite types of exercise. We offer the very best equipment, veterinary expertise and dedicated team members to design an individualized plan to restore your buddy’s mobility.


If your best friend suffers from age-related joint problems or obesity, he might be unable to continue his regular exercise routine. Dog rehabilitation using canine hydrotherapy provides a fun and effective way to relieve pressure on the pet’s joints, while allowing him to rebuild muscle tone.

Our facility offers an underwater treadmill and a swim tank where your pet can enjoy a vigorous run or swim with all joints safely supported by water. Besides the buoyancy that relieves the joints, the water provides resistance that helps rebuild muscle tone. Regular hydrotherapy will improve your pal’s overall fitness and flexibility, and help alleviate the symptoms of degenerative conditions.

Even the most sedentary pooch will love a splash in our swim tank. In fact, our dedicated team members will guide your dear doggy through a fun and safe workout.

Dry Land Exercises

Our dog rehabilitation facility uses dry land exercises with a wide array of stairs, ramps and rails to assist injured or post-operative canines return to a full range of motion. Under the direction Dr. Mark C. Brown, our staff is devoted to keeping up with the latest veterinary knowledge and dog therapy techniques. We promise to not only keep your best friend on track for a full recovery, but he’ll have fun in the process.

Our facility was the first of its kind in the Tampa Bay area. We proudly provide dog rehabilitation in St. Petersburg for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Therapeutic Treatments

Whether your pal suffers from age-related joint problems, obesity or injury, we can help alleviate his symptoms so he can continue the activities you’ve always enjoyed together. We offer a number of dog rehabilitation therapies that relieve pain and restore mobility:

  • Hot moist heat
  • Low Level (cold) Laser
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Chiropractic

We will also craft an individualized plan to address the specific needs of your beloved pet. Just like with us humans, your pet won’t exercise vigorously if it causes pain. We’ll find a combination of dog therapy and exercise that’s pain-free, fun and challenging for your buddy.

Watching your furry buddy age and slow down is difficult, but some of the changes that come with age are not inevitable. Come by for a visit and we’ll help you understand your companion’s overall condition. We also have solutions to help your pet get the most out life, for his entire life.

About Our Dog Rehabilitation Center

The Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center was established in 2004 and is located within the Central Animal Hospital. Come by for a visit and let us demonstrate all of the tools we devote to returning every dog to a more active lifestyle.

Dr. Mark C. Brown leads a one-stop center dedicated to dog therapy and dog rehabilitation, serving the entire Tampa Bay area. Dr. Brown is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. He received specialized training and certification through the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee.

The entire team at our animal hospital is devoted to helping our canine companions enjoy a pain-free active lifestyle. Even dogs who suffer from degenerative or chronic conditions can also enjoy improved mobility with the right kind of exercise. If your older hound isn’t getting around the way he used to, let us demonstrate how training and therapy can help him remain active and restore a bit of his puppy-like energy. For more information contact us online or give us a call at 727-521-3518.