Hydrotherapy for Dogs St. Petersburg

While you might not be familiar with hydrotherapy for dogs, it is an effective and gentle technique that we utilize at our canine hospital in St. Petersburg. Tampa Bay K9 specializes in rehabilitation and wellness for your furry friend, whether they are injured, aging, living with arthritis or illness. Whatever your circumstances, our primary goal is to relieve your pet’s pain and optimize their health. Many of our clients were not optimistic before they came to us, but after the initial appointment, they left with a plan and new hope. At Tampa Bay K9, we work with you to develop the most optimal strategy to increase the wellbeing of your pups.

Is My Dog a Candidate for Hydrotherapy courses?

We use hydrotherapy for dogs to treat many conditions that affect our tail-wagging patrons, including:

Does Shadow show signs of arthritis? The breakdown of cartilage can make walking and rising after a nap painful. As he experiences increased discomfort, he may try to limit his movement. While this is a short-term solution to achieving relief, it will not serve him in the long run. Exercise and activity in St. Petersburg are essential to keeping Shadow engaged and satisfied, and our specialized equipment makes it possible for him to move without physical strain. If he happens to weigh a bit more than he should, his achy joints are sure to feel even worse. Not only do obese animals struggle with cardiovascular exercise, but added pressure is placed on the affected areas. Do not give up on Shadow. Instead, bring him in because he is a candidate for this treatment.

Along with obese and arthritic pooches, dog hydrotherapy applies to those who are injured, even with hip dysplasia and are receiving physical therapy or recovering from surgery. Hydrotherapy for dogs is effective because it makes your furry friend weightless, which relieves pressure and discomfort and makes movement possible!

How Can Hydrotherapy Improve Canine Wellbeing?

Hydrotherapy can help improve numerous conditions, but how exactly does being in a tank Cold the body? Being submerged in water results in shifts in body temperature. Like all mammals, blood will rush to areas that are stressed to attempt to heal it. However, inflammation is not always a beneficial bodily function. In cases involving arthritis, inflammation causes pain instead of healing. Cool water can promote blood flow while reducing inflammation throughout the body.

What Does Treatment Entail?

When you bring your canine companion in for medical care, you can expect an open conversation about your Dalmatian’s condition. Our doctors in St. Petersburg create a unique recovery plan for every animal they see, so Pongo’s treatment will likely vary from Perdy’s. By individualizing our approach, your pet will receive the full benefits of specialized treatment.

Swim Tank

Hydrotherapy for dogs utilizes numerous tools, and what your pup can do in our swim tank will astound you! After all, you are used to seeing Sunny in a lethargic state. She may give no response when you offer her a leash or toss her a ball, but the weightlessness of our swim tank is sure to inspire her. Buoyancy removes the burden of gravity and provides relief, which she sorely needs. Many of our tail-wagging clients in St. Petersburg come alive as they paddle around in our small pool!

Underwater Treadmill

Similar to the swim tank, your furry friend can experience weightlessness in the light environment of the underwater treadmill. Sunny may not have an interest in taking a walk around the park, but she can log some serious miles at our rehabilitation facility in St. Petersburg. As her capacity to exercise increases, you are likely to notice that she is a perkier pooch all-around.

Underwater treadmills are particularly useful for canines dealing with joint pain and obesity. Obesity is one of the most common conditions pets suffer from. The longer they have to carry around that excess weight, the more pressure is placed on their heart and joints. Eventually, your pup may not be able to move around well enough to lose the burden on their own. Regular exercise can be too much for them and raise the risk of injury instead of helping. Dog owners in St. Petersburg can instead rely on equipment like an underwater treadmill to help. Hydrotherapy provides many benefits like increasing blood flow and reducing stress on joints.

Complementary Treatments

Hydrotherapy for dogs goes beyond underwater treadmills and swim tanks, and we provide these services on site. As Sawyer gains strength from swimming, our doctor may expand his treatment to incorporate:

  • Physical and massage therapy
  • Dryland exercises, like cavaletti rails
  • Stem cell and regenerative therapies
  • Cart fittings and orthotics
  • Nutritional counseling

Each of these may complement Sawyer’s care plan and speed up recovery in St. Petersburg. Just before introducing the method to your wet-nosed pal, our doctor will explain the procedure and its benefits to you. We believe in helping your pooch achieve wellness in all aspects, and this may involve specialized diets or physical therapy sessions. Whatever techniques we use, your canine companion will get results!

Hydrotherapy for Dogs at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation

At Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center near downtown St. Petersburg, we aim to improve your pet’s quality of life. Whether they just completed a spinal surgery or have a wrist injury, we can assist with recovery. Hydrotherapy for dogs makes activity and exercise possible, which means you have a happier, healthier pup in tow. Let our medical team show you there is still hope! Contact us online or give us a call at (727) 521-3518!