Just like every person in your life, your dog will experience physical changes as it becomes older. But, with a proper treatment specifically designed for senior dogs, your furry best friend can live comfortably and maximize its physical ability much longer. We care about animals and know how important your pet is to you, and that’s why we offer the most effective senior dog treatment in Tampa.


Prevention: Thinking About Aging Before the Changes Begin

Creating a lifestyle and habits for you and your dog can have the best effects when you have an eye towards the future. There are two main categories to think of when caring for your dog’s health and well-being: exercise and diet.




There are plenty of activities for your dog that can help it stay active, but one of the best ways to keep your pup healthy and in shape is swimming. Swimming is good for all dogs but is especially beneficial to older dogs because it is significantly easier on their joints and muscles. In fact, there’s a specific therapeutic treatment built for this: hydrotherapy.


There is plenty of information out there about the different types of hydrotherapy and the many benefits. Some of the greatest advantages to this form of exercise are overall conditioning, relaxation, and comfort.


One way that you can easily help your senior dog maintain joint and muscle health are to be consistent in the level of exercise that you provide. While you may only take your dog on short walks around the neighborhood on weekdays, the activity level can’t suddenly increase on the weekends when you have more time, such as a long bike ride or run.




Your dog’s diet is also something that you must pay attention to in order to provide the best foundation of health for your senior dog as it grows older. Your dog’s supplements can also boost the ability for it to age healthily, including those designed to help with joint health. In a blog post on Cesar’s Way, one joint health supplement that is recommended is Vetz Petz Antinol, which has been clinically tested to support joint health.


Common Physical Conditions in Senior Dogs

There are some conditions that often arise as a dog ages that you should be on the lookout for and know how to handle when the conditions begin to take a toll. Some conditions include:


  • Arthritis: We provide services specifically for arthritis that treat existing arthritic conditions or aims to prevent arthritis in the first place.


  • Joint Injuries and Muscle Health: Knee injuries and conditions are common ailments that become more apparent as dogs age. Partial ligament tears or complete ruptures are prevalent and can be treated with any of our knee treatment services, allowing the injured dog to experience a faster recovery, reduced pain, and increased mobility.


  • Obesity: As your dog begins to lose its ability to exercise as regularly and vigorously as it used to, the concern of excessive weight gain begins to set in. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will help it avoid heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.


  • Degenerative Spinal Disease: Neurological conditions become more prevalent as your dog ages, leading to ruptured discs, instability, and deformities. Even if your dog hasn’t experienced any of these instances yet, it’s important to keep regular appointments to prevent issues and detect warning signs. Other neurological conditions can present themselves in older dogs in many ways, but the best way to treat your pup is to obtain a definitive diagnosis from an MRI or X-ray.


Change is inevitable, but you can prevent issues if you know what to watch for in your pet’s behavior. While keeping the same exercise and general lifestyle routines, monitor your dog’s energy levels. If your dog, has trouble breathing, moving, or becomes fatigued more quickly, it’s time to seek professional help from qualified professionals. Pet care pros will develop a new regime to maintain your senior dog’s health.


How Tampa Bay K-9 Rehabilitation Center Can Help Your Senior Dog

The philosophy at our center is to always look for the root cause of the symptoms that your dog is experiencing so that we can treat more than just the symptoms.


With expert senior dog treatment in Tampa like hydrotherapy and arthritis treatment, you can rest assured that your best friend will receive the extra attention it needs to live its best life. Call (727) 521-3518 or contact us online to schedule your senior dog’s evaluation and treatment.