If you are a dog owner in the St. Petersburg area, it is important to know the signs and symptoms to look for that indicate you may need to take your pet to a canine hospital. Obviously, our furry friends can’t verbally communicate with us to let us know when something is wrong or when they are in pain, but it does help to know that there are some tell-tale signs to look for that usually will mean that something isn’t right.

Because you spend so much time with your dog, you probably already know right off the bat when their behavior changes or seem to be trying to tell you something. But it is important for their health to make it a point to research the different types of symptoms and signs associated with illness and disease in dogs, and which are sure signs it would be best to make an appointment with a vet.

Why Choose a Canine Hospital?

As your St. Petersburg’s canine hospital, at Tampa Bay K-9 Rehabilitation Center we know better than anyone that if you suspect something might be wrong with your pet, it is always better to bring them to a licensed professional. Waiting to make an appointment to see if it simply gets better on its own can lead to some regrettable consequences, as this can cause the problems to worsen.

We know that you don’t want to make a big deal out of nothing, or throw money out the window by bringing your pet in to the vet for unnecessary attention and treatment, but if you suspect something is wrong—you are probably right. To give you a better idea, though, below are some common signs that your dog’s behavior is grounds for a visit to the hospital.

  1. Irritability and aggression. Some people are shocked when their dog suddenly snaps or bites—especially if this is out of character for them. If this is something your dog has never done before, it probably isn’t wise to simply write it off as poor training, as it could mean that something is wrong.
  2. House training lapses. Similar to the biting, if your dog is trained to go to the bathroom outside, and suddenly has an “accident” in the house, it might mean be a sign it is time to take them to a canine hospital to see if there is something bigger going on.
  3. Limping and/or inactivity. If your dog is favoring one leg, or lifting one while they stand, walk, or move, it is a sign that they are in pain. Another red flag is sudden disinterest in physical activity, trouble or inability to get up the stairs, or reluctance to run around.

Trust Tampa Bay K9 for Rehabilitation Services

Just like humans, there are a wide range of conditions, ailments, illnesses, and infections that our furry friends can be dealing with—especially if they are reaching old age. Even if it is not an emergency situation that requires an immediate canine hospital visit, it is never a bad idea to take your dog to a St. Petersburg vet for a check-up just to ensure proper prevention of illness.

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