Those of us with furry friends in Tampa know when something is off in their attitude or behavior. Sometimes it’s as simple as bristling at the sight of a new neighbor but at other times, it’s something more serious. We urge pet owners to trust their gut and bring Cato to the animal hospital if they suspect something is wrong.

1. Injury Occurs

Injuries are one of the easiest ailments to identify. Twists and sprains are common amongst playful pups, and they need to be treated properly if you want Peanut to be able to move freely for a long time. If the pain isn’t keeping her from her usual activities, give it 24 hours. If signs of discomfort persist, contact your local rehabilitation center to discuss treatment options.

2. Paralysis

We have worked with many individuals in Tampa whose canine companion shows signs of paralysis unexpectedly. This could be caused by a female tick who transmitted the neurotoxin during feeding, or your dog may need spinal surgery. The sight of your pet unable to use its back legs is bound to cause you distress, but quick action is the best thing you can do for them. Your greyhound or dachshund can go on to live a long life in motion if treated by professionals at an animal hospital. Rehabilitation centers will help Buzz regain mobility and strength.

3. Obesity, Extreme Fatigue, or Lethargy

These three traits tend to go hand in hand because they work in tandem to keep your dog from moving comfortably. If Honey has packed on some extra pounds, it becomes more difficult to pull the extra weight. This can aggravate arthritis and discourage your furry friend from playing a game of fetch in Tampa. Physical pain and lack of exercise will make your pet lethargic and lose interest in life. If this is a familiar scenario, a visit to the animal hospital should be in order.

Tampa Bay K9 Animal Hospital

Whatever your struggles, our staff has rehabilitative solutions to get your dog mobile again! Whether they have a broken hind leg or experienced a bout of paralysis, we can help them regain muscle and range of motion. If they struggle with arthritis or obesity, we have the equipment and methodology to make exercise pain free. Some of the most popular services at our rehabilitation center include:

  • Hydrotherapy and underwater treadmill
  • Land exercises, like stairs and cavaletti rails
  • Hot moist heat and low level cold laser therapy
  • Knee injury treatment
  • Weight loss programs
  • And more!

Our animal hospital in Tampa is sure to meet your needs, so at the first sign of concern, call us at 727-521-3518 or fill our our contact form for more information.