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Does Your Dog Need to Visit a Canine Clinic?

Determining whether or not your pup needs to visit a local St. Petersburg canine clinic can be rough. There are times when it is easy, but there can be less obvious signs that your pooch is in need of a vet’s help. Since our four-legged companions cannot always tell us when something is wrong, these are some of the warning signs to be mindful of: Weight Gain or Loss It is important that St. Petersburg pet parents monitor their pet’s weight and food intake. Subtle changes in weight happen, just like us, so it’s normal for their weight to fluctuate a little [...]

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Weight Loss for Dogs: How You Can Help

Weight loss for dogs is simple for the residents of the St. Petersburg area, since there are so many local dog parks; however, beginning your pooch on the path to healthiness starts with you. Make the decision to prolong your pet’s life by being dedicated to their health and happiness. The 2013 National Pet Obesity Awareness survey estimated 52.6% of all US dogs are overweight or obese. A weekly exercise plan is a great way to prevent maladies associated with pets that are overweight, including joint damage, heart disease, and shorter lifespan. A quick and simple way to tell if your pooch [...]

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TBK9’s Dog Weight Loss Programs

Do you have an unhealthy, overweight dog? Are you becoming increasingly concerned about their health and quality of life? If so, it may be time to take them to Central Animal Hospital and enroll them in a program at the best Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center to get them on a quick road to recovery. Our dog weight loss programs design a custom diet and therapy plan to meet their specific needs. Health Risks of Canine Obesity When a dog becomes obese, or even just slightly overweight, their health risks increase significantly. They are at risk for diseases such as arthritis, heart [...]

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