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Animal Hospital Advice: Alternative Therapies for Pets

As a pet owner in St. Petersburg, you know that you would do whatever it takes to make sure that your pup is happy and healthy. There are many ways to treat common canine conditions such as obesity, allergies, infections, and injuries. However, there are some conditions that extend beyond the realm of “typical” that require intensive care. These conditions such as tumors, cancers, immunological diseases, chronic pain, and more can be difficult to treat, but with the help of alternative therapies at a trusted animal hospital, your furry friend can get back to being their old fun-loving self! Regenerative Therapies At [...]

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TBK9’s Regenerative Therapy for Dogs

As humans, we know that our bodies are powerful machines with the innate ability to heal themselves under the right conditions. What many people don’t realize is that our beloved pets have the same power. When it comes to regenerative therapy for dogs, sometimes better known as stem cell therapy, the body takes its own cells and proteins to promote healing for ailments in tissues and ligaments throughout the body. If your dog has a tendon or joint injury, regenerative therapy may be the answer for their treatment. With the assistance of Therapeutic PRP (platelet rich plasma) the dog’s ability to heal [...]

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