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Finding the Best Dog Hospital in St. Petersburg

You want the absolute best for your pet, and that means knowing where to find the best dog hospital in St. Petersburg. The services you need will depend on the condition of your pup, but having a clinic and rehab in one building is something you’re sure to benefit from. Finding the most comprehensive medical treatment in one location means you’ll have better care and consistency for you and your furry friend. Tampa Bay K9 Rehab & Dog Hospital Located right in the heart of St. Petersburg is a full-service canine rehabilitation center, housed inside of Central Animal Hospital. At Tampa Bay [...]

How Hydrotherapy Works for Dogs

At the Central Animal Hospital, we have provided countless dogs in Tampa with safe, effective forms of treatment using Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy. This is a type of occupational/rehabilitation therapy that uses water for medical treatment. Humans began using it hundreds of thousands of years ago. Although it has been primarily used for humans, it can also be effective in treating animals, especially horses and dogs — suffering from arthritis and other chronic diseases. How it Works & What it Treats Most effective for pain treatment and management, it uses a broad range of methods, techniques and therapies. Hydrotherapy maximizes [...]

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Common Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

While it mostly affects larger breeds, hip dysplasia in dogs can cause painful and debilitating symptoms in canines of all ages and sizes. Pets with this condition will typically have a very narrow stance, as they stand with their back legs very close together. Symptoms are more commonly seen in older dogs, since they will have decreased muscle mass, causing the dysplasia to become obvious. If you think your canine is suffering from this condition, call your Tampa veterinarian immediately for a consultation! Hip dysplasia in dogs will present symptoms including: Difficulty standing up Changing weight from one leg to the other [...]

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How Pet Therapy Can Help Your Senior Dog

Aging people often benefit from special care, and it turns out our pets are just the same. Senior pet therapy in St. Petersburg will help your aging pooch enjoy life and exercise just like he used to when he was a young puppy.  It is not uncommon for older dogs to suffer from geriatric neurological condition that manifest themselves under the form of spinal injuries and related pains. Orthopedic conditions are also often responsible for your pooch to be in pain. Senior Pet Therapy and Treatments When your beloved furry friend is not doing well, you may think about finding the best [...]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

When you think about weight loss for dogs, it seems like the solution should be a simple one: Feed them less. However, if it were truly this simple, then almost half of all dogs in America wouldn’t be considered overweight. Oftentimes, owners don’t even realize their pooch is overweight until the vet informs them, and quite often still do not believe, or agree with, the vet’s claims. Unfortunately, the more overweight your pet, the more likely they are to suffer from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and ultimately an early death. How You Can Help The most important thing pet [...]

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