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Benefits of Canine Chiropractic Care

Having to take your dog to a Tampa animal clinic is stressful for both of you. A basic checkup can be hard, and everything becomes more much more emotionally taxing if your dog happens to be ill. Having to put your furry friend through surgery or take medications can be draining, since many people view their dog as a member of the family and want to provide them with the best possible care. However, there are other methods of caring for your pooch besides drugs and surgery. One new treatment that is quickly gaining national popularity is chiropractic care for your canine. [...]

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Is Your Pup in Pain? Visit an Animal Rehabilitation Center!

Man’s best friend is not only an adorable companion but a tough one as well. Dogs have stood up to weather, terrain, physical labor, and other harsh conditions for hundreds of years, and although they may not want to believe it, they aren’t invincible. Pups are creatures that don’t want to show pain, and often go to great lengths to hide it, thanks to their basic survival instincts that were necessary for their wild counterparts. It’s important to be aware of indicators that your pet is in pain— pain that can be managed with the help of an animal rehabilitation center right [...]

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Orthopedic Dog Doctor Services in Tampa and St. Petersburg

When you have an older dog, or one that has recently experienced and injury or trauma, you may need the professional services of an orthopedic dog doctor. If you live in the St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay area, come visit our clinic to get your furry friend back to better health as quickly as possible. As your orthopedic specialists, our staff will be able to treat just about any issue or injury your canine is experiencing—whether the problem be with their bones, joints, muscles, tissues, ligaments, or a variety of these areas. We use gentle procedures and will devise a custom plan [...]

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Does Your Dog Need to Visit a Canine Clinic?

Determining whether or not your pup needs to visit a local St. Petersburg canine clinic can be rough. There are times when it is easy, but there can be less obvious signs that your pooch is in need of a vet’s help. Since our four-legged companions cannot always tell us when something is wrong, these are some of the warning signs to be mindful of: Weight Gain or Loss It is important that St. Petersburg pet parents monitor their pet’s weight and food intake. Subtle changes in weight happen, just like us, so it’s normal for their weight to fluctuate a little [...]

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How Hydrotherapy Can Help Your Dog Post-Surgery

We all know how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for people in rehabilitation after a surgery. However, did you know that this “water healing” can also help your pup after they have undergone any elbow, shoulder, hip or spinal surgery? Water offers a low impact place for them to build strength and confidence when walking, in a safe environment. If your dog had surgery and is having a difficult time healing, contact Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center for help! Benefits of Hydrotherapy There are a variety of different kinds of hydrotherapy options in Tampa, including underwater treadmills, whirlpools and even regular pools. The [...]